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Back to you Beauty; 'Mature Skin Series : Serums For All Mature Skin Types And Budgets'

'Back to you Beauty' has started a Mature Skin Series and wrote a blog post about serums which are specifically designed for all mature skin types and budgets and featured our Skin Perfector Radiance Serum. 
Sharon - Back to you beauty, applying ARK Skincare's Radiance Serum 
"ARK’s age aware skincare range gives you an almost bespoke regime to work with and using Naturally derived, plant based ingredients in an almost Spa like way is what makes this brand a stand out. With key ingredients such as : Vitamin C, Amino Acids, Red Algae, Velvet Flower Seed, Allantoin, this is perfect for anyone that has Hyperpigmentation and an uneven skin tone. The brightening effect this gel like serum gives is wonderful and over time can reduce pigmentation. It is Vegan friendly, gives the most wonderful, dewy glow to Mature Skin and feels heavenly on. If your budget cannot stretch to the Murad product above, then give this a go. Highly recommended."
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