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Beauty Queen UK - Pre cleanse & make-up remover review

'Beauty Queen UK' writes a glowing review on our pre cleanse & makeup remover.
Ark Skincare Pre Cleanse & Make-Up Remover
"The one product I have just finishing using up is the Pre Cleanse and Make-Up Remove...I always ensure that I double cleanse every day. Living in London, a city which is over polluted means my skin can change from week to week and I do change my skincare up and down as I feel I need to, but double cleansing is always a must because there is nothing quite like taking the day off your face. This cleanser...lifts literally everything off your face, even that waterproof mascara that is a complete pain to remove and with it comes all the surface dirt and grime which has deposited itself on your skin throughout the day. It always amazes me just how much 'muck' comes off my face, even though my journey too and from work on average is less than an hour!"
Ark Skincare Pre Cleanse & Make-Up Remover
"A cleanser which, thanks to its oily texture, grabs hold of everything and removes it so effectively and it leaves your skin feeling absolutely clean, soft and smooth ready for the following cleanse.  To use it, I simply ensure my face is damp and then pouring just a small amount into the palm of one hand, I massage it onto my face using circular movements to ensure that the gunk knows I am coming for it, then once I have finished the massaging, I use a muslin cloth to remove everything that has come loose, look in shock and horror at what has been found, then splash my face with warm water to ensure I have removed absolutely everything I possibly can and then do my second cleanse."

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