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Natasha Summer's September Favourites

Natasha Summer featured our Age Defend Conditioning Cleanser and Age Defend Replenishing Moisturiser in her 'September Favourites' YouTube video. 
 ARK Age Defend Conditioning Cleanser
"The ARK Defend Conditioning Cleanser - My skin in the past month has been playing up and I think its because I have been extremely stressed throughout the month.... and I just feel my eating has gone a little bit out the window and sleep has not been that great and it has definitely shown in my skin. This really calms my skin down, its a really nice rich cleanser that just removes all makeup, there are no bells and whistles to it, its just really gentle and effective and my skin has been responding to it really really well. I really enjoy it, I enjoy the scent as well."
"Along with it I have been using the ARK Age Defend replenishing moisturiser. What I love about this is it is just so light weight, it sinks in really quickly but it gives you a beautiful hit of hydration and my makeup goes on top of this flawlessly, it just feels replenished, restored, plumper. I really enjoy it. This is actually formulated for people of my age, so 30s to 40s, I am 31, its a gorgeous formula, really targets around the eye area and tightens everything up, I've just been really enjoying it and the packaging is beautiful as well. So big big fan of ARK Skincare!"
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