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Philocalist : Age Protect Cleanser & Moisturiser Review

Have you caught up with the Beauty Shortlist Awards yet? Ark Skincare have won a flurry of accolades for their products (congrats guys!) But before you pop the Prosecco it’s time for one last test – the beauty blogger review.

I was sent some lovely goodies from the team at Beauty Expert, so I thought I’d give them a whirl and see if they’re up to the hype! Obviously it goes without saying, that all of the opinions in this piece are my own :).   


Ark Skincare – Skin Clear Cleanser
I’m really into low soap cleansers at the moment, so Ark Skincare AgeProtect Skin Clear Cleanser was a real treat. Comprised of watercress, nettle and white tea, this wash is void of soap which can be extremely drying on our skin.

Yep, no soap cleansers do exist and they actually do wonders for your skin! In fact, this Ark Cleanser really helped with the redness I’ve been having trouble with at the moment. After using it for a week, I could feel and see a noticeable difference in my complexion.

Don’t get me wrong, the wash does have a slight foam to it but it definitely doesn’t offer the same lather that most face cleansers do. Sometimes this can be a little off-putting because we think it’s the bubbles that clean us, when in fact it’s the natural elements in the solution that do all the work! If you’re struggling with acne or dry skin, you may find respite in this product. Nettle may not sound soothing, but its astringent and anti-inflammatory properties will aid recovery when breakouts rear their ugly heads.

The cleanser is clear and actually has a slightly black pepper-ish fragrance. It’s not overpowering at all and I only needed to use a small amount to effectively clean my face.

Ark Skincare AgeProtect Moisturiser
Well, this is a little embarrassing. I didn’t actually understand how to work this moisturiser at first! It has a press to reveal lid rather than a screw, so the product comes out through the middle. It’s actually really handy if you’re anything like me and sometimes put a bit too much product on your face.

At first I found the product a little heavy. It doesn’t seem thick on your hands, but it did once applied to my face. That said, it quickly sank in and my skin didn’t have that sticky balm feeling that most moisturisers leave me with. Again, the product wasn’t highly fragranced. It left my skin feeling great and provided a great base for my foundation.

Ark have plenty more award winning goodies that I know you’re absolutely going to love. I can definitely see myself indulging in more of their range. Do you think you’ll give them a go?