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The Sister Wives Collective: Our ARK Skincare Journey

The SisterWivesCollective started their ARK Skincare journey with ARK's Power 'SkinResponse' Facial.
We kick started our ARK Skincare journey with their Power 'SkinResponse' Facial, which is available in almost 200 partner salons nationwide! The three products shown are the products that we used during journey - they were recommended to us based on our age and skin concerns.
The SisterWivesCollective went through their ARK Skincare journey using the three products shown in the photo.
The products are natural and gentle, so they've been kind to our skin but they've worked wonders, we're so pleased! Below are Nicole's and Shan's progress photos! Feel free to zoom! In the second picture you can see that our skin definitely got worse before getting better but it does at least 6 weeks to show any significant progress with any new products. 
Nicole and Shan from the SisterWivesCollective's progress photos using ARK Skincare products.
After using ARK Skincare products for two months in total, Nicole & Shan are sticking with them! Our skin has never felt and looked so good! Not to say that we still don't have spots & blemishes - that wouldn't be the truth! But we are so pleased with the results so far and the overall skincare journey with ARK. We'll definitely continue to use their products. We are feeling FLEEKY! 😂🙈 
To find out more about the SisterWivesCollective, head over to their instagram and watch their interview with our lovely CEO, Tamsin: 
ARK's CEO Tamsin's interview with the SisterWivesCollective.