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Worried about redness and flushing?

Do you suffer from redness and facial flushing? Do you have visible blood capillaries, raised pimples or even eye irritation? The causes of redness, irritation and flushing can be hard to understand. Is it rosacea, an intolerance or skin hyper sensitivity?
Rosacea is more common than you think and sufferers tend to have redness in the centre of their face and very sensitive skin. This can be accompanied by broken capillaries &, in the case of acne rosacea, breakouts. Symptoms can be triggered by many things. Environmental factors such as heat, cold or wind can exaggerate the condition, as can physical exercise. Dietary choices such as consuming alcohol, spicy food or even cheese may also make things worse.

Skin sensitivity can be caused by over use of inappropriate skincare products, or repeated use of exfoliants, microdermabrasion or lasers. Redness, tightness and burning may result. Skin could otherwise be normal but has become overly sensitive due to the over stimulation. 

All redness and irritation can be increased by highly scented products or synthetic chemicals. Learning to avoid triggers, using products specific to your age, and ensuring your products are free from any known irritants will help. Look for brands which display "free from" logos and explore ranges which are recommended for sensitive skin. 

Follow these easy skincare tips:
  • Use skincare products suitable for your specific age group. Take a "less is more" approach when still young
  • Avoid artificial scents and colorants, and avoid synthetic chemicals
  • Use a serum with calming benefits aimed at reducing redness and flushing
  • Use a daily broad spectrum SPF to protect against damaging UVA and UVB rays
  • Use a cooling, calming spritz throughout the day 
  • Consult with your skincare therapist / facialist for advise on the best course of facial treatments for you

The best products for reducing redness and flushing
The ARK Anti Redness Serum is a cooling, soothing serum containing a botanical complex clinically proven to calm and protect sensitive, irritated skin. Reduces skin redness, itching and inflammation while boosting moisture levels and reinforcing skin’s natural barrier. Instant calm. 
Reduce any itching and inflammation on your skin with ARK's Anti-Redness Serum, with bio-active ingredients designed to sooth and calm your skin.
ARK De-Stress Serum is an intensive, antioxidant-rich serum, which protects the skin from harmful free radicals and diminishes the look of fatigue cased by environmental and lifestyle stresses. This highly protective serum acts as a second skin to defend against daily stress while its anti inflammatory properties help boost the skin's healing process. Ideal if your redness and flushing is triggered by dietary choices, stress or physical fatigue.
Remove the signs of stress on your skin with the powerful antioxidant blend of ARK Skincare's De-Stress Serum.
Using a soothing spritz throughout the day can help reduce heat induced redness and flushing. Try ARK Hydrating serum with Aloe Vera and Wild Water Mint. A blend of natural ingredients to soothe the skin, leaving it feeling cool and calm. Keep one in your hand bag, take it with you to the gym, or keep one on your desk to spritz over the face throughout the day.ARK Hydrating Toner 150ml

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