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9 Best Moisture-Boosting Masks

Put back into your skin what winter has taken out.



3. Ark Skin Perfector Hydration Injection Masque: £35 for 75ml, Ark Skincare


Tired, stressed, or lacking in radiance, this intensively packed multi-vitamin mask quenches thirsty skin and uses vitamin A to combat pigmentation, vitamin C to regulate collagen production and vitamin E to protect against further UV damage.  The hyaluronic acid booster drenches skin and provides a 24 hour protection against further water loss. And it suits all skin types – simply adjust your timings; under 30s only 5 minutes, 30s-50s 10 minutes and over 50s 20 minutes. This one is the perfect pick-you-up for tired, lacklustre skin that needs a boost.

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