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ARK Skincare’s iPosture Facial Massage featured in Glamour

Team GLAMOUR.COM put Ark Skincare’s iPosture Facial Massage to the test

Tested by: Charlotte Duck, Deputy Editor

The Spa: Ark’s flagship salon is an oasis from the bustle of Putney High Street. As soon as you enter, delicious smells waft over you, starting the relaxation process as soon as you’ve shut the door. This spa uses its own Ark Skincare products so you’re getting a treatment that is completely unique and which you won’t find anywhere else.

The Treatment: The iPosture Facial Massage has been created for the modern world. We all spend our time gazing at smartphones or hunched over a computer screen and our bodies just weren’t designed for this. This treatment concentrates on the furrowed brows and wrinkles caused around the eyes from squinting, slumped shoulders from sitting at a computer too long and “Text Claw”, aka sore muscles from constant swiping and scrolling on phones. 

What It Involves: The treatment starts by cleaning the skin of impurities, before precise techniques are applied, mostly to the eye area to increase blood circulation and rejuvenate its thin skin. Then it’s on to the shoulders and neck which are gently manipulated. While steam is used to open the pores, your hands and arms are worked on to remove any residual stress. To boost the skin’s elasticity, Ark’s Regenerating Skin Defence masque is applied, which tingles on the skin so you know it’s doing something really good.

The Verdict: What was refreshing about this beauty treatment was the way it focused on everyday stresses. It’s scary to think the damage we are doing to our bodies by sitting for nine hours at a computer on a daily basis. But this treatment is the antidote, and it left my muscles feeling relaxed and pain-free, and my skin soft and fresh.

The info: £60 for a 60-minute facial, ARK Skincare Salon, 339 Putney Bridge Road, London SW15 2PG: 020 8788 8888.