Awards - Age Defend Mini Duo

Age Defend Cleanser:

"This is probably my it's such a pleasure to use. The gel-type consistency that my skin always seems to favour, it also has the loveliest light and natural fragrance to it... I've been using this morning and night for a while now, and it always leaves my skin feeling clean but not stripped, and beautifully balanced." - 'Kate Louise Blogs' Beauty Blogger

"It leaves my skin feeling comfortable and clean without any dryness. Lines and wrinkles appear softer. It’s just a really lovely cleanser!" - 'The naughty forty diaries' Beauty Blogger

"I love this cleanser and the scent. My skin feels clean once I’ve used it but there’s no dryness or tightness which I usually associate with cleansers which need to be rinsed off. Adding this cleanser into my skincare routine means I know I’ll be stepping out the shower with a clean face and only needing to tone and moisturise." - 'From Fiona' Beauty Blogger

Age Defend Moisturiser:

"I really, really rate this moisturiser. From the packaging through to the finish of the formula, I'm very impressed!.. Like the Age Defend cleanser, this moisturiser smells pretty amazing, which is always a bonus when it's going on your face." - 'Lippy in London' Beauty Blogger

"ARK’s skincare replenishing moisturiser is light with a delicate scent. It contains kiwi and passion fruit lipids and is nourishing enough for my dry skin. This for me is a must in any beauty product" - 'Loved by Elena' Beauty Blogger