Awards - Age Defy Moisturiser Special Offer

2020 - Winner of Beauty Shortlist Awards "Best Day Skincare Product"

2019 "The moisturiser is lovely. It's quite a rich texture but it glides on and sinks in beautifully. It leaves my skin feeling plumper and nourished which is what we need as our skin changes quite dramatically in our 40's and 50's." - 'Priceless life of mine' Beauty Blogger

97% of Women trialling ARK Nourishing Moisturiser during an independent consumer trial said they would switch from their usual brand

2018 - Winner of Best Skincare Product, Beauty Shortlist Awards 

2017 - Winner of Best Skincare Product for 50+,  Beauty Shortlist Awards 

“This brilliant yet affordable plant-powered moisturiser is genuinely transformative, in fact  if I had to recommend just one moisturiser for age 50+ skin for the rest of this year, this would be it.” Fiona Klonarides, Beauty Shortlist Awards

BEST SKINCARE BRAND (Age 50+): ARK Skincare, Age Defy range

“Your skin changes dramatically after 50: cell turnover plummets, radiance fades and balancing hormones and hydration feels like a full time, “fight-against-time” job. ARK Skincare’s Age Defy Nourishing Moisture, like the rest of the range, is a lifesaver - even dull, fatigued, dry skin looked glossier, brighter and fresher when we tested it. This range is an absolute saviour for skin that needs help at a deeper level” Beauty Shortlist Awards Judge 2017