Awards - WHOLESALE Defend Conditioning Cleanser 200ml

2020 - It hits that perfect spot where it removes every trace of dirt, grime, and light makeup without stripping skin bare and making it feel tight - Beautiful With Brains, Skincare Blogger

2020 - "I think all skin types would love this and it'll be the perfect summer cleanser." - Beautylymin, Beauty Blogger

2020 Do I recommend these products? Well, of course, I do! They have worked in terms of meeting and exceeding my requirements. Healthy skin that I feel confident enough to wear with pride on makeup-free days.” Hey Sareta (Age Defend range)

2019 - "This is probably my it's such a pleasure to use. The gel-type consistency that my skin always seems to favour, it also has the loveliest light and natural fragrance to it... I've been using this morning and night for a while now, and it always leaves my skin feeling clean but not stripped, and beautifully balanced." - 'Kate Louise Blogs' Beauty Blogger

2019 - "It leaves my skin feeling comfortable and clean without any dryness. Lines and wrinkles appear softer. It’s just a really lovely cleanser!" - 'The naughty forty diaries' Beauty Blogger

2019 - "I love this cleanser and the scent. My skin feels clean once I’ve used it but there’s no dryness or tightness which I usually associate with cleansers which need to be rinsed off. Adding this cleanser into my skincare routine means I know I’ll be stepping out the shower with a clean face and only needing to tone and moisturise." - 'From Fiona' Beauty Blogger

2019 - "Not only does this cleanser remove impurities but it also cares for your skin. It includes Morninga oil, which contains Vitamin A and C. All of these prevent your skin from losing its moisture while making sure it’s clean. What’s more, Kiwi and Passion Fruit oils combined with Omega 3 fatty acids boost hydration levels and Blue Lotus extract improves skin elasticity and firmness." - 'Stormvoe' Beauty Blogger

WINNER Beauty Shortlist Awards 2018 - Best Cleanser Age 30+

Thumbs up from Beauty Blogger Caroline Hirons