Awards - WHOLESALE Age Protect Mini Duo (Pack of 2)

Skin Vitality Cleanser

2020 -  I love using this cleanser - and a little goes a long way as it lathers up so nicely! - Darly Rose, Beauty Blogger

2020 - “When I first started using the cleanser I was quite surprised how light and liquidy, almost gel like the cleanser was… It leaves my skin feeling so clean and refreshed. It's not harsh or drying and I'd definitely say it's had a positive impact on my skin with regards to blemishes - especially with all the hormones in my body just now.” Jenna Suth 

2019 - "I really love this cleanser, firstly I just love the smell, it has a lovely fresh herbal smell that smells natural. The cleanser is a little thicker than most cleansers I have tried but for me, it makes it easier to work with. I simply wash my face in the sink with warm water then apply this generously on my face gently in a circular motion, then wash off with warm water." - 'Moonlight Mel' Beauty Blogger

2018 - "Best my skin has ever been since using this amazing cleanser. Worth a try if you have really sensitive skin..." Laura Crane, Love Island Contestant 2018

"The combination of allowing [my daughter's] skin to breathe and Ark's Skin Clear Cleanser, plus its Skin Perfector Clearing serum...was quasi miraculous" India Knight giving high praise for the Age Protect Cleanser and Clearing serum in the Sunday Times Style Magazine

"ARK's skin clear cleanser is a Godsend. My skin has always been oily on my t-zone, and dry everywhere else, but since using this cleanser my skin feels balanced and healthy.” ….."This cleanser is incredible” 

Mollie Quirk, Writer and Blogger Theperksofmolliequirk

Skin Vitality Moisturiser

2019 - "The ARK Age Protect Vitality Moisturiser has a long list of natural ingredients including Vitamins A, C and E, avocado and marine algae. It's designed to be hydrating without being suffocating, to protect while leaving your skin clear and radiant. It's definitely one of the most calming moisturisers I've used but still helps tackle my dry skin. I've been using this on my face after the cleanser at night time and again in the morning to leave my skin soft and ready for the day." - Jenna Suth, Beauty Blogger

2019 - "This has a lovely refreshing natural smell and the moisturiser very thick, so you can see that a little will go a long way. It melts and blends into the skin effortlessly leaving skin feeling hydrated and soft. It costs £35 which is a good value for the amount you get and a little goes a long way." 'Moonlight Mel, Beauty Blogger

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