Awards - WHOLESALE Age Protect Skin Clear Cleanser 200ml

2020 -  I love using this cleanser - and a little goes a long way as it lathers up so nicely! - Darly Rose, Beauty Blogger

2020 - “When I first started using the cleanser I was quite surprised how light and liquidy, almost gel like the cleanser was… It leaves my skin feeling so clean and refreshed. It's not harsh or drying and I'd definitely say it's had a positive impact on my skin with regards to blemishes - especially with all the hormones in my body just now.” Jenna Suth 
"ARK's skin clear cleanser is a Godsend. My skin has always been oily on my t-zone, and dry everywhere else, but since using this cleanser my skin feels balanced and healthy.” ….."This cleanser is incredible” April 2016
Mollie Quirk, Writer and Blogger The perks of mollie quirk