Awards - WHOLESALE Clearing Serum 30ml

2020The serum is so lovely to use, it doesn't sting or make your skin feel uncomfortable like some other harsher blemish treatments do. - Darly Rose, Beauty Blogger

2020 -  " Before I used this serum, I genuinely used to use about four different ones to try and target different issues but this one does it all. It saves so much time only having to apply one product and I’ve definitely noticed a huge difference since using this serum. My pores are definitely way less obvious, it calms my redness and even my blackheads have reduced." According to Alice Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger. 

'ARK's Clearing Serum is a luxurious and opulent aid to the skin, that banishes bacteria and refines your pores to treat any breakouts before they, well, breakout. This serum is great for oily skin, which is why I chose it. My skin is slightly oily sometimes, which means my skin isn't fully hydrated, but this serum hydrates my skin, stops the oily zones from becoming oilier and prevents my skin from drying out.'

Mollie Quirk, April 2016 The perks of mollie quirk