Awards - WHOLESALE Skin Essentials Mini Duo (Pack of 2)

Pre-Cleanse & Make-Up Remover

2020 - "I love that it melts my makeup and doesn't sting my eyes, however I do find that I need to rub a little or go in a second time when wearing waterproof liquid liner. It doesn't leave my eyes cloudy, which is a real bonus." -Beautylymin, Beauty Blogger

2020 - I've been using these products for a few weeks now & I'm impressed with both.  The Pre Cleanse & Make-Up Remover effectively removes all traces of my make up, even when wearing a heavy smokey eye & when used with the Conditioning Cleanser I've found my skin has been left feeling deeply cleansed & smooth. My Midlife Fashion, Fashion Blogger 

2019 - "The product nourishes while dissolving grime and feels like a very light oil on the skin.....My complexion is reaping the nourishing benefits of this gentle cleanser without my oily t-zone having the chance to become irritated. In addition to the main ingredients, Margosa Leaf Extract helps to curb the spread of bacteria while Zi Cao (an Ayurvedic herb) soothes sensitivity." - 'Kate Louise Blogs' Beauty Blogger

2019 - "The pre-cleanse and make-up remover by ARK Skincare is amazing. Not only does it smell like a facial in a bottle but it actually removes all my make-up. Although I was only gifted a travel size I can definitely see myself repurchasing this in the future." - 'From Fiona' Beauty Blogger

2019 - "I've been double cleansing for a while now as I like to remove every trace of make up first and then go back in to do a second cleanse. The pre cleanse & make up remover is amazing. I've been raving about it on Instagram as it really does melt any make up away, even waterproof mascara. It's a multi fruit lipid blend with omegas 3,6, and 9 and it's gentle on the skin." - 'Priceless life of mine' Beauty Blogger  

2019 - "It’s a definite step up from your regular micellar water type of product. Infused with a combination of fruit oils (kiwi, grape seed, avocado), Omega 3, 6 and 9, it dissolves dirt and make up thoroughly while being gentle and soothing on the skin at the same time." - 'Stormvoe' Beauty Blogger

Winner of Best All In One Cleanser, Beauty Shortlist Awards 2017

2017 - BEST ALL IN ONE CLEANSER (including eye makeup/eye area) Ark Skincare Skin Essential Pre-Cleanse and Makeup Remover

“If you’re a big fan of double cleansing, you’ll love this one-product-does-almost-everything Makeup Remover and Pre-Cleanser full of exciting ingredients like bacteria-busting Margosa Leaf, soothing Zi Cao, wonderful fruit lipid blends and skin-loving omegas” Beauty Shortlist Judges comment

Recommended by ELLE Magazine - "Not even waterproof mascara will win against ARK's Clever Pre-Cleanse. Omega 3,6 and 9 melt make-up without stripping the skin, while grape seed and avocado oil lend and intense hit of nourishment."

Recommended by The Daily Express

Hydrating Beauty Mist 

2020 - I love how refreshed, soothed and hydrated my skin feels after I use it. - Beautlymin, Beauty Blogger
2019 - "I just love the scent of refreshing Wild Mint and the way my skin feels suddenly cool and calm. This spray is perfect for all ages and stages of skin but I have included it in my mature skin round-up as I think that a hot, flushed skin, dehydrated skin or someone with those fine lines and wrinkles can really benefit from the hydrating properites it offers. The cooling sensation of that Wild Mint and the beautiful ingredients included make this a joy to use. Goji and Blue Lotus bring lots of anti-oxidant rich, brightening properties as well as detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties which I think work wonderfully on menopausal skin. I am loving this brand so much and I know you will too." - 'Back to you Beauty' Beauty Blogger
I absolutely love ARK's 'Beauty Mist'. It's so refreshing and also hydrating for my skin. I wear on screen make-up most days and after cleansing I can't wait to spritz and refresh my skin before I go to bed. It's also the perfect product for after exercise.' Kirsty Gallagher, TV Presenter