Pigmentation / Lack of Radiance

Pigmentation / Lack of Radiance

Noticed new dark patches or areas of uneven skin tone? These could be signs of hyperpigmentation which can affect everyone, irrespective of age or race. This is very common and occurs when too much melanin is produced and may indicate damaged or unhealthy skin. There are many causes including sun damage; hormone changes; or skin trauma, but all pigmentation can become darker when exposed to the sun. ARK have a number of products which can help prevent pigmentation as well as making it look less pronounced. 

Regenerating Skin Defence contains Vitamin C and B3 to brighten the skin and prevents UV induced DNA damage.

Radiance Serum contains Vitamin C, Red Algae and Amino Acids to fade dark spots, promote a more even skin tone and illuminate the skin. 

Skin Protector SPF30 should be used daily to protect against damaging UVA and UVB rays

Use ARK Triple Action Exfoliator weekly which contains skin regenerating enzymes to help fade pigmentation