Frequently Asked Questions

Does ARK test on animals?

No. We have never tested on animals and we never will. We are an independent company and are passionate about our views against animal testing.

Are ARK products suitable for vegans?

All our products are suitable for vegans. 

Can I use your products if I have a nut allergy?

The refined nut oils used in finished cosmetic products are unlikely to cause severe allergic reactions, but it is not possible to give 100% guarantees where allergies are concerned. If you have any allergy concerns please discuss with your doctor ahead of trying new products.

Do your products contain Parabens?

No. Our products are free from Parabens, SLS, mineral oil, S.D. Alcohol, Formaldehyde, and Artificial Colours and Fragrance

What percentage of your ingredients are natural?

We use active natural ingredients wherever possible. Our products range from 65% to 100% natural.

Are ARK products suitable for Rosacea?

Yes. We recommend our Anti-Redness Serum, which contains a botanical complex clinically proven to calm and protect sensitive, irritated skin.

I have sensitive skin, how can I try before I buy?

Visit an ARK Stockist or the ARK Skincare Boutique in Haslemere.

Can I use ARK products if I am pregnant?

None of our products contain ingredients at levels which should cause concern during pregnancy. But if you have any concerns at all we advise you to consult your GP. Each product’s ingredient list is printed on the product’s carton & can also be found on the product pages of our website.

I don’t like ordering on websites, how else can I buy your products?

Telephone orders can be placed on 0203 740 3303; visit the ARK Skincare Boutique in Haslemere, or one of our stockists.

I’m not sure which product to buy first, who can I ask?

If you are new to ARK, a good place to start is with your age specific Cleanser and Moisturiser. These contain the optimum levels of vitamins, minerals, lipids and antioxidants to give you beautiful, healthy skin. For personalised product recommendations contact the ARK Skincare Boutique on 0203 740 3303, or visit your nearest stockist.

How do I use the moisturiser jar?

Our moisturisers are delivered in jars which have airless pumps.
This means they are hygienic to use; oxidation from contact with air is minimised; and the product fully evacuates from the container to prevent wastage. To begin using the jar simply remove the lid and press down firmly on the top of the pump with two thumbs. You will need to do this several times on the first use to activate the pump. There is no need to remove the central plug as doing so may compromise the airless technology. For more information please refer to the explainer videos on the product pages.

Is ARK Skincare's packaging recyclable?

The following ARK product packaging is accepted by most council recycling collections: Cartons, Gift bags, Serum bottles (remove the pipettes first), Cleanser bottles (remove the pumps first), Mist bottles (remove the pumps first), Body product bottles (remove pumps/caps & labels first). The following are not yet widely accepted by council recycling collections: Tubes, Airless pump packs, Pumps, caps or pipettes, Cello wrap. We are working on switching to more easily recycled packaging options for more of the range. We have also partnered with Terracycle, who special in recycling materials not accepted by council collections. We have a Terracycle collection box in our skincare boutique in Haslemere. So if you are local, feel free to drop your empties in and we'll pay to have them recycled. You can also post them to us at ARK Skincare, 14a High Street, Haslemere, Surrey, GU27 2JE. You can find out more about Terracycle's excellent work here:

What is your refund policy?

If you are not completely satisfied with the product you have ordered from, we will offer you a full refund on the price of the product or replacement or exchange. See our Refund Policy section for more information.

Can I use promotion codes to purchase E Gift cards?

Unfortunately seasonal promotions or discounts are only valid for product purchases and not for gift / E Vouchers

Can I use more than one offer/ discount code at a time?

Only one offer is valid at a time. Discount codes are not valid on already discounted items, or gift sets as these already offer customer savings.

ARK Skincare is a cruelty-free skincare brand that uses bio active natural ingredients to keep your skin firm and supple.