Stress & Pollution Damage

Stress & Pollution Damage

Stress can inhibit the skin’s ability to repair itself & can make skin appear tired, dull and may accelerate the ageing process. Internal stressors are lifestyle, travel, workload and poor dietary choices. External stressors are environmental factors such as sun, wind, heat extremes and pollution.

It's important to remove all traces of pollution at the end of the day with a double cleanse routine, use the Pre Cleanse & Make-up Remover followed by your Age Intelligent Cleanser.

De-stress Serum is a calming, soothing, anti-irritant. It also reinforces the skin’s barrier to protect from further damage.

SPF30 Primer provides broad spectrum UVA & UVB defence. An essential product if you are outside exposed to sunlight. Note UVA radiation can affect skin at all times of year. 

Regenerating Skin Defence is your ultimate daily protection against environmental damage and to defend against daily pollutants. Highly recommended if you live in a polluted urban area.