ARK Cleansers & Toners

ARK Cleansers & Toners

Follow ARK's double cleanse routine and begin your regime by removing every last trace of make up, daily grime, and excess sebum with the Pro Remove Pre Cleanse.

Follow with your Age Intelligent Cleanser. ARK cleansers are formulated with the best selection of vitamins, lipids and antioxidants for your skin's age. 

Age Protect skin clear cleanser- for teens and 20s -  balances younger skin for a beautiful, clear complexion.

Age Defend Conditioning Cleanser - for 30s and 40s - boosts skin’s collagen production and minimises redness.

Age Defy Brightening Cleanser - for 50s and onwards - deeply quenches, firms and brightens the skin.

Complete your cleanse with a spritz of calming Hydrating Toner