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ūüćāWhat to enjoy this Octoberūüćā

What to enjoy this October - The ARK Skincare Team share their thoughts...
Autumn leaves hanging 
There is definitely an autumnal vibe in the air, and we welcome it. As we discussed the end of summer in the office we realised we all love the change of season, and thought we would share everything we are looking forward to as the weather turns chilly and the nights draw in. Here are thoughts and suggestions from our office team. 
Lady in bath relaxing with book - pamper night in
First, bath and candle season! The darker evenings call for long warm baths with some delicious scented candles. We suggest you soak your way to some essential self care. We will be! Embracing a relaxing evening routine is the perfect way to wind down, and prepare your body to cosy up and sleep (and repair). We are thinking bath and body oils, hydrating face masks, and beautifully scented candles, followed by lovely night creams. Enjoy!
ARK Skincare Hydrating Injection Masque   ARK Skincare Conditioning Serum   ARK Skincare Travel Candle

 Autumn is also a beautiful time to get out into the fresh air. We can not wait to wrap up in warm chunky knits and to watch the stunning colours as the trees turn into vivid shades of orange.

We suggest you let the wind "blow away the cobwebs" and then head home for a hearty home made soup, or perhaps a hot chocolate by a cosy fire.

Lady talking winter walk with camera 

We all  think autumn is is great time to switch things up and to enjoy a fresh start. We are taking time this October to think about the nourishing foods we are eating, and have been searching for new recipes. We are definitely ditching the salads, and embracing hearty stews and soups. We will also all be having a rethink of our beauty routines. Time to add some extra hydration to our skincare regimes to protect against cold winds and to defend against harsh central heating.


ARK Skincare Hydrating Serum   Model hand shot holding ARK Skincare SPF30 Primer    ARK Skincare Defy Day Cream


It is also time to have a look in our make up bags, and to embrace new winter colours and maybe a fantastic bold red lip ready for party season, which is just around the corner!

Model putting on ARK Skincare Lip CreamModel holding ARK Skincare lip cream

ARK Skincare's Advanced Action Plumping Lip Cream 15ml

Remember to keep your skin protected from the change of weather by adding extra hydration. Your skin will love you for it. 

Back to (skin) school - our top tips for achieving healthy skin

Child holding school books and carrying a rucksack whilst walking back to school

Relieved to see your little ones going back to school and your big ones going back to college or uni? You are not alone! It has been a long, hot, challenging summer! Now they are heading back it is our chance to claw back some time for ourselves. 

During the summer ….

Has your daily routine gone out of the window?

Have you been out in the hot sunshine?

Have you felt dehydrated in the heat?

Have more sugary and processed foods crept into your diet?

Have you felt flustered or stressed trying to keep the whole family entertained?

Have older teens driven you crazy?! 

All the above can have a detrimental effect on your skin. Time to return to skin school and get your natural glow back.

Read on for top tips and links to useful articles to help...

Top tips to bring your skin back to health

ARK Skincare Age Defy Model

Re-establish a daily routine.

Consistency is key. Make sure you have time each day to double cleanse and use a serum and moisturiser. It doesn‚Äôt take long, and you will see real results. Click here to read our expert guides ‚ÄúSecrets to healthy skin‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúCleansing masterclass‚ÄĚ.

ARK Skincare's expert guide sharing secrets to a healthy complexion and glowing skinARK Skincare's expert guide with tips on cleansing and achieving clear skin

ARK Skincare's Triple Action Exfoliator and Hydration Injection Masque

Exfoliate and masque.

Sloughing away dead skin cells is essential to skin health. If you have had less time for yourself over the holidays you may have neglected this step of your routine. Exfoliate now and use a masque to kick start your routine again. 

fresh vegetables

Get your diet back on track.

It is easy to overindulge whilst on holiday, or whilst feeding the whole family. Catering to everyone else’s requests often means we eat more processed foods, and may mean sugary foods and alcohol creep into our daily lives. Take stock and return to a fresh, healthy, rainbow diet and you will see the return to glowing skin. 

Young woman lying on a white bedsheet asleep

Get back into healthy sleep patterns.

Sleep is critically important for our physical and mental wellbeing and our skin is the first organ to show the signs of sleep deprivation. Get back into a good sleep routine and feel and see the benefits.¬†Click here to read our expert guide ‚ÄúBeauty Sleep Is Not A Myth!‚ÄĚ

Get out in the fresh air by yourself.

ARK Skincare's expert guide including tips on how to manage stress levels

If you have had a house full for two months finding some solitude will be very welcome. Head out for a walk, enjoy the fresh air in peace. De stress.¬†Click here¬†to read ‚Äúis stress affecting you?‚ÄĚ

ARK Skincare's expert guide on how to perform Gua Sha facial massage

Fit regular relaxation past times into your week.

Make time to read a book. Cook healthy recipes. Get back to crafting. Learn facial massage. Find whatever it is you love. And breathe whilst doing it! Click here to read our guide to “Unlock The Secrets of Selfcare"


Skin Care Tips for Dry & Aging Hands

Model hands locking little fingers

Hand Care Guide

From dry, cracked skin to signs of aging, we reveal our top tips for healthier looking hands.

An effective hand care routine is essential for preventing dryness and irritation. While many of us make the effort to carry out a regular facial skincare routine, lots of us overlook the need to take specific steps to care for the skin on your hands. In many cases, people adopt a reactive approach to hand care - only using hand creams when suffering from redness, cracking or dry skin. This guide walks you through how to understand the skin on your hands better and adopt a more proactive approach to preventing common hand problems.

Why do I get dry hands?

The most common causes of dry, cracked hands are:

  1. Weather & the environment - Cold temperatures, wind, humidity and sun exposure are all known to affect your hands, not to mention exposure to air-born pollutants like those you'd encounter in a more congested city.
  2. Exposure to chemicals - Harsh soaps, sanitisers, disinfectants, household cleaners (e.g. dishwashing liquid) can all have a noticeable impact on the health of your hands. Washing up gloves are your friend!
  3. Lifestyle choices - As with all skin care - your diet, overall health, medication and whether you smoke are tied to how healthy your hands will look and feel.
Image of someone washing their hands. Overly washing hands can lead to dryness and irritation.

Common Hand & Nail Concerns

There are a number of issues and irritations that you can struggle with on your hands...

Dry & Cracked Skin

Dry skin, unsurprisingly occurs when your skin doesn't have enough moisture in it, so it starts to feel rough, flaky and begin to crack. This is most common in winter, when it's harder for your skin to retain its moisture.

Dry and cracked skin, when your skin feels rough, flaky and begin to crack


Eczema refers to a number of different skin irritations, typified by flare-ups of reddened, itchy skin

Eczema actually refers to a number of different skin irritation conditions, typified by flare-ups of reddened, itchy skin. While not unique to your hands, across the knuckles and between the fingers are common eczema spots.

Brittle Nails

It's not just the skin that can benefit from improved hand care, as neglecting your hands can also lead to weakened and easily-breakable nails, or irritating 'skin-tabs' that occur down the side of your nails.

Brittle nails, weakened and easily breakable

Wrinkles & Age Spots

As we age, our hands get age spots, wrinkles and lose elasticity

As we age, our hands can show the signs. They lose elasticity and wrinkles appear. You may notice 'age spots' - small, dark areas of skin that are often associated with years of sun exposure.

6 Tips To Save Sore, Dry Hands

Looking for some simple steps you can take to protect and soothe your hands all year round? The following are our top 6 tips for preventing dry and irritated skin...

1. Use tepid rather than hot water to wash your hands

Hot water strips the hand of essential moisture. Make sure you use lukewarm water. This is a useful tip for your whole body as very hot baths and showers do the same.

2. Use a moisturising soap or hand wash

Look for products with shea, olive oil or aloe vera and avoid harsh synthetic chemicals. Soaps all work in the same way, and those with natural hydrators will prevent dehydration. And don‚Äôt forget to use a nail brush to clean under your nails too. Lots of us have one lurking in a bathroom cupboard ‚Äď time to get it out!

3. Pat instead of rubbing your hands dry

After washing, gently pat your hands dry. Don’t rub them vigorously. Studies have found the most hygienic way is to use paper towels, but be gentle with them to save making your hands sore. Remember, whilst hand dryers can seem efficient, they can be the cause of increased skin irritation.

4. Moisturise your hands straight after washing

To prevent excessive dryness, and to lock in moisture, use a good quality hand cream straight after washing and frequently throughout the day. Have your own tube in your bag or pocket to minimise contamination from sharing with others. Keep a hand cream by your bed to give them a good coating before you go to sleep too ‚Äď maybe treat yourself to a nightly hand massage to soothe and calm yourself before bed? The cream should be free from known irritants and contain ingredients to reinforce the skin barrier.

5. Try a weekly hand treatment

Don’t save your exfoliator and masque just for your face. You should give your hands a weekly treatment too. Exfoliate away dry skin to allow the moisturisers to work. You can also treat your hands to a hydrating masque. Smooth the masque on and place your hands in a small plastic bag, or even a large sock, whilst you let the active ingredients get to work. Your hands will emerge feeling super soft and any irritation will be calmed.

6. Wear gloves

Gloves are a must! Wear them for household chores, especially the washing up, or if working in the garden. They will save your hands from further wear and tear.

Dry, cracked fingers and hands, requiring regular hand care routine to soften and soothe

The Best Products for Dry Hands

Our specially formulated, luxurious hand and nail care products have all been designed to hydrate, nourish and protect against dry hands. Plus they're 100% vegan!

Sold out
Sold out
ARK's body beautiful Intensive Hand & Nail Cream, formulated to soothe dry and cracked hands

"My hands get very sore and dry due to my job, I could definitely feel the difference after applying for the first time. Light, none greasy and smells lovely..."

- Customer Review, Intensive Hand & Nail Cream

ARK intensive hand & nail cream formulated with ingredients to target brown spots, hydrate and encourage strong nails

"This is so beautiful, so hydrating, and clears up my eczema flare-ups with no problem!"

- 'Boy Does Beauty' (Skincare Blogger) on the Vitality Hand & Body Wash

ARK Skincare's Vitality Hand & Body Wash, great for nourishing dry, cracked hands

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Ultimate Rosacea Guide

Your Guide to Life with Rosacea

Our overview of common Rosacea symptoms, causes and tips on how to deal with chronic skin redness

Do you suffer from redness, facial flushing or Rosacea? Millions of people struggle with red, irritated skin, which can sadly impact self-confidence on a regular basis. We’re here to empower you to unlock your best skin yet.

The purpose of this guide is to offer everything you need to know about life with Rosacea, including what may be causing your flare-ups and advice on how to minimise the appearance of flushing and redness.

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What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a common skin condition that causes redness and flushing, most often to the face but it is also known to affect the ears, chest, back and other parts of the body. As well as skin redness, Rosacea sufferers may also experience visible broken capillaries, acne, stinging and even eye irritations.

Common Symptoms & Types of Rosacea

There are four main subtypes of Rosacea:

Erythematotelangiectatic Rosacea (ETR)

The most common form of Rosacea, typified by facial redness and flushing. Visible broken capillaries are also a regular symptom for ETR sufferers.

Papulopustular Rosacea

This sub-type usually sees sufferers struggle with regular acne-like spots and breakouts.

Rhinophyma Rosacea

Usually affecting men, much rarer than other types of Rosacea, Rhinophyma sufferers tend to experience thickening of skin on and around the nose.

Ocular Rosacea

Also relatively rare, Ocular Rosacea affects the skin around the eyes and is linked to dry, itchy eyes and sometimes recurrent eye infections.

What Causes Rosacea?

Rosacea symptoms can be triggered by many things and may vary considerably between individuals, meaning that it can be very difficult to identify the exact cause. However, the most common causes of Rosacea flare-ups are:

Food & Diet

Spicy food, dairy, citrus and alcohol are commonly associated with a worsening of the condition, as are food additives, preservatives and sulphites.

Stress & Anxiety

Stress can be a major factor in a number of skin conditions and is considered a trigger for Rosacea. Anything which places psychological pressure on you can be considered stress, and may impact your skin.

Sun Exposure

Skin prone to Rosacea is not happy in the sun. Sun, and exposure to UVA and UVB rays can make the condition far worse. Incorporating SPF skincare into your daily routine is an absolute must.

Fragrances & Perfumes

Scent can increase redness and irritation. Artificial scent is a common cause of Rosacea but some natural scents and essential oils can be a causal factor too.

Physical Exercise

Whilst physical exercise has huge benifits to your overall wellbeing, it can sadly exaggerate and prolong symptoms of Rosacea. See below for tips to mange your Rosacea.

Environment & Weather

Indoor and outdoor environments can negatively affect your skin. Hot weather, humidity, extreme cold or harsh winds, heating and air conditioning can all exaggerate Rosacea.

Air-born pollutant particles, such as those commonly found in more congested cities can also be an issue.

8 Tips for Managing Your Rosacea

There are some simple habits that you can incorporate into your daily routine that can make a big difference to the extent of your Rosacea:

  1. Protect your skin from UV rays - UV rays are the number one cause of Rosacea flare ups. Use a broad spectrum good quality facial SPF (have you tried ours?) all year round. In high summer use a hat and stay out of direct sunlight.
  2. Keep a food diary - Keep a food diary and note the appearance of your skin each day, or consider intolerance testing, which may identify foods you should avoid to minimise your Rosacea.
  3. Manage stress levels - Use stress management strategies and take care of your whole self. Sleep, eat well, exercise, and consider including meditation or breathing exercises in your daily routine. All will help.
  4. Consider your medication - Occasionally long term medication can affect the sensitivity of your skin. If you take medication and suffer from redness, discuss it with your GP and explore alternatives.
  5. Go make-up free - Consider having a break from make-up and see if your redness calms down. Some ingredients in cosmetics can cause irritation. If you have a break from make-up and your skin improves, reintroduce your products one by one to see which ones cause a flare up. You may be able to identify key ingredients to avoid.
  6. Wash your make-up brushes - If you do use make-up, make sure you clean your brushes. Left unwashed they have been found to harbour more bacteria than a loo brush!
  7. Review your exercise routine - Avoid working out in a stuffy hot room, instead make sure you are somewhere well ventilated. Try using a beauty mist to keep cool during classes. AND always keep hydrated.
  8. Adopt an anti-redness skincare routine - Skincare products can help with Rosacea, but choose carefully. Use products which are free from known irritants and avoid highly scented products. Keep your sensitive skincare routine simple ‚Äď ‚Äúless is more‚ÄĚ ‚Äď and do not chop and change your products or over stimulate your skin. When applying products, be gentle. Do not rub your face, or use harsh exfoliators or scrubs, and when cleansing with water avoid extremes of temperature - use hand warm water and a soft cloth.

The Best Skincare Products for Rosacea

Suffering from Rosacea herself, ARK Skincare's CEO Tamsin has always been committed to developing skincare products suitable for those with sensitive, redness prone skin. In the ARK Skincare range you'll find formulas containing botanical complexes clinically proven to calm and protect sensitive, irritated skin. All products in the Anti-Redness collection have been dermatologically tested and approved for use by those with sensitive skin.

Sold out
Sold out

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"Having been prone to outbreaks of mild rosacea for years I use this daily and am pleased to say my skin is much calmer and less red. Flare ups are almost a thing of the past. Very pleased with this product."

- Customer Review, Anti-Redness Serum

Rosacea FAQs

Q. Can Rosacea be cured?

As yet, there is no sure-fire cure or long-term treatment for Rosacea. That said, there are actions you can take to reduce the likelihood of flare-ups (detailed above). It’s all about identifying your triggers and then establishing what works best for you and your skin.

Q. How serious is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a chronic condition, and as well as affecting the skin it can cause distress and affect self esteem.

If you suspect you have Rosacea but have not yet had it diagnosed it's best to consult your GP, (they may refer you to a dermatologist) who can give you an official diagnosis.

If a diagnosis is confirmed please don't despair, learning your triggers and adapting your lifestyle can make a BIG difference.

Q. Is Rosacea an autoimmune disorder?

While Rosacea itself is not an autoimmune disorder, multiple immunity issues can manifest with redness and facial flushing. That's why it's always a good idea to discuss symptoms with your GP, so the correct diagnosis can be given.

Q. Does Vitamin C help Rosacea?

‚ÄčResearch is inconclusive, but Vitamin C may help strengthen weakened blood vessels, the dilation of which is often a visible symptom of Rosacea.

We would also advise looking for products containing soothing ingredients such as Allantoin and Aloe Vera.

Q. Can men get Rosacea?

While some types of Rosacea are more common in women, men can certainly get it, and it is equally important for people of any gender to find a skincare routine that works for them.

Q. Does Rosacea only affect light coloured skin?

It is a falsehood that only fair skin people can suffer with Rosacea. Certain types of Rosacea (especially ETR which tends to manifest as extreme facial flushing) are more immediately visible for individuals with fairer skin. In the past this led to a presumption that those with darker skin were not affected. These days more is understood about the condition - people of any race or skin colour can experience Rosacea. For those with darker skin Rosacea symptoms can manifest as the face feeling uncomfortably warm, swollen skin and patches of darker skin (especially around the nose and cheeks), and acne-like breakouts that acne treatment won't clear.

The appearance of Rosacea on the cheeks of a woman with darker skin

Q. Can young people get Rosacea?

Rosacea can affect people of any age, however it most often begins during the 30s and 40s.

Controlling Rosacea involves looking at all aspects of your lifestyle, but try not to be disheartened or allow it to upset you. You are not alone. In fact, you are in good company with film stars, princes, and presidents reportedly suffering too. Friend of ARK Skincare Lisa Faulkner openly discusses her battles with the condition and luckily had some success with the ARK Anti-Redness Serum which you can see more about here.

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How To Create a Skincare Routine In Three Easy Steps

ARK Skincare's approach to creating a skincare routine.

Looking for a simple and effective skincare routine to achieve healthy, glowing skin? 

 With so many products on the market, we know how daunting it can be to find the right skincare and know how best to use it. 

Look no further. Here at ARK skincare, our easy-to-navigate skincare collection makes skincare easy to choose by both age and benefit. 

In this post, we teach you how to create a simple yet effective skincare routine in just three easy steps.

Keep reading to find out more!

ARK Skincare's approach to creating a skincare routine. Step one: Age

Here at ARK Skincare, we take a positive approach to ageing. We believe that no one age group has the monopoly on beauty and we are proud to be a brand that represents and celebrates all ages.

We understand skin changes with age and needs to be treated accordingly. Young skin needs protecting but not over stimulating. More mature skins need higher levels of nourishment, and help to keep skin supple and firm.

With that in mind, ARK Skincare offers three Age Intelligent ranges, specially designed for each age group: Protect for teens & 20s, Defend for 30s & 40s and Defy for 50s & onwards.  

In your Age Intelligent collection, you will find your age specific cleanser & moisturiser, packed full of hard-working active ingredients, carefully chosen to treat the skin of your age group.


ARK Skincare Age Intelligent Cleansers

We believe cleansing is the single most important thing you can do for your skin.

If you didn’t cleanse your skin, daily grime and airborne bacteria would build up on the skin and could lead to break-outs, skin irritation and premature aging. Therefore, using a high quality cleanser with hard-working ingredients is crucial to remove grime and ensure your skin is kept clean and healthy. 

Cleansing your skin also helps to ensure any skincare products you apply are able to properly penetrate the skin.

We suggest cleansing both morning and evening. Apply your Age Intelligent cleanser to lightly dampened skin and massage gently for 30-60 seconds before rinsing luke-warm water. In the evening, we would also highly recommend adding in a Pre-Cleanse oil. Oil based cleansers help to attract excess oils, sebum and make-up, helping to ensure the skin is left thoroughly cleansed.


ARK Skincare Age Intelligent Moisturisers

After cleansing your skin, the next step is to follow up with your age specific moisturiser. Moisturising helps to hydrate the skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple. 

Each of ARK Skincare’s Age Intelligent moisturisers feed your skin with the antioxidants, lipids, and vitamins to suit your age related needs. Apply to cleansed skin morning and evening. 

Add extra nourishment with a night treatment

ARK Skincare Age Intelligent Night Treatment Creams

Do you fall into our Defend or Defy categories? As we get older, skin needs more help to keep hydrated and nourished. Therefore, you may also like to try our night treatment creams.

During deep sleep our body is able to repair and rejuvenate itself. The metabolic activity of skin cells is at its peak as we slumber, making it an ideal time to achieve maximum results from a targeted skin treatment.

ARK Skincare Night Treatment creams increase hydration, boost collagen and elasticity, detoxify, soothe, and reduce inflammation, allowing you to wake up looking rested and rejuvenated.

Find your Age Intelligent products by clicking here. 

ARK Skincare's approach to creating a skincare routine. Step two: Concern

Skin concerns can occur at any age for many different reasons. Hormone changes, dietary habits or stress can all contribute to changes in our skin.

The ARK Skincare Skin Perfector range offers a unique selection of 6 treatment serums, each designed to treat different skin concerns. Whether you suffer from dry skin, oily skin, redness, fine lines or acne, our highly effective targeted treatments help to restore skin and bring it back to optimum health.

Add a treatment serum

ARK Skincare Skin Perfector Serums

Simple apply 2-3 drops of your chosen serum directly onto clean dry skin before or blend with moisturiser and apply together.

Need help finding the right serum for you? Simply head to the ARK Skincare website and shop by skin concern. Click here to find out more.

Restore your skin with a weekly treatment

ARK Skincare Triple Action Exfoliator & Hydration Injection Masque

In the Skin Perfector range, we also have two weekly treatments: Our Triple Action Exfoliator & Hydration Masque. Specially formulated to give your skin some revitalising TLC, these products make the ideal addition to your skincare regime for smoothed, radiant skin.

 Learn more about our weekly treatments by clicking here.

ARK Skincare's approach to creating a skincare routine. Step three: lifestyle

To create the best skincare routine for you, it must work with your lifestyle and reflect the choices you make.

The ARK Skin Essentials range contains the daily essentials designed to support your Age Intelligent skincare regime. From morning skincare staples like hydrators and primers, to evening essentials like make-up remover and eye cream. 

Choose your skin essentials

ARK Skincare Skin Essentials


Choose the perfect products to complement your lifestyle choices and skin concerns. Are you someone who likes to wear a full face of make-up? Try our Pre-Cleanse & Make-Up Remover and you'll never look back. Simply massage into dry skin, over make-up and watch foundation and mascara as it dissolves. Add water to create a milky emulsion before rinsing away. 

If you're looking for an quick and easy skincare routine, take a look at our Skin Protector SPF 30 Primer. This formulation is the ultimate multi-tasker and works as your daily moisturiser, facial SPF 30 and make-up primer all in one. 

For an extra boost of moisture, you may like to try our Hydrating Beauty Mist  - ideal for those who suffer with sensitivities, this is the perfect product to cool, soothe and hydrate irritated skin. It also makes a lovely refreshing spritz through-out the day. 

We also have our Reverse Gravity Eye Cream to reduces those pesky dark circles and help to keep the eye area looking bright and radiant. Perfect for those who feel their eyes may be looking tired or puffy. 

Suffering from dry, cracked lips? Time to reach for our Advanced Action Plumping Lip Cream. Packed full of hard-working active ingredients, this formulation helps to hydrate and plump the lips and surrounding areas. For an intensive overnight plumping treatment, apply before bed. 


Ready to shop? To learn more about our vegan, cruelty free skincare products, head over to 

Need more help? - If you’re still undecided on which products to choose from, please do feel free to get in touch via email  or by phoning the office on 0203 740 3303. Our friendly customer care team are always thrilled to help and will be happy to assist you should you need any personal recommendations.

Busting Myths About SPF

Family sitting on a sandy beach by the sea in the sunshine

We’re all told to remember our sunscreen and make sure to protect our skin - but why is SPF so important?

SPF (Sun Protection Factor) helps to protect the skin against harmful UV rays which can damage our skin.

What are UV rays and how do they affect the skin?

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is a form of electromagnetic radiation that comes from the sun. There are two types on UV rays which are known to affect skin ‚Äď UVA and UVB.

UVA rays have a lower amount of energy and can cause indirect damage to cell’s DNA. They are also linked to long-term skin damage such as wrinkles, fine lines and signs of premature aging.

UVB have a higher level of energy and are the rays which are responsible for skin burn. They can damage the skin cells directly and are responsible for most types of skin damage and cancer.

Busting myths about SPF

We’re usually reminded about wearing sunscreen in the summer months or have it drawn to our attention by the travel aisles in the shops. This may lead you to believe you only need SPF in hot weather. False! A facial sunscreen should be a staple in your everyday routine. This is because UVA rays are a threat all year round, rain or shine. They can also penetrate glass, so even if you’re sat indoors on a rainy day, it is always important to remember your SPF. 

 How can I protect my skin?
 There are two types of protection. Physical and chemical. Physical sunscreens contain active mineral ingredients which work by sitting on top of the skin (often giving the skin a white appearance) to deflect and scatter damaging UV rays away from the skin. They are effective at protecting against UVB rays however, they can not protect against the full spectrum of rays.

Chemical sunscreens work by absorbing the sun's rays (and converting them to heat) and offer full protection against the whole spectrum of damaging UVA and UVB rays. They tend to be lighter in texture than physical SPF products, and do not block pores or cause breakouts, so are often preferred as an everyday solution.

Experts suggest wearing SPF 30 as this protects skin against 97% of rays and offers the optimum protection. However, no sunscreen can protect the skin entirely so it is always important to remember to be sensible and shield your skin in other ways such as clothing and keeping to the shade when it is particularly hot.

The performance of your SPF also depends on how you apply it to the skin and what you are doing throughout the day.  If you are swimming or taking part in high-intensity exercise where SPF may be compromised, it is always a good idea to reapply. Make sure to use a generous amount to ensure skin is properly covered. 

ARK Skincare’s SPF 30 Primer

ARK Skincare's Skin Essential Skin Protector SPF 30 Primer suitable for sensitive skin

ARK Skincare’s Skin Protector SPF 30 Primer is one of our hero products. Labelled as a favourite by many of our customers, this award winning formulation is perfect for everyone. It can also be used as a beautifully light daily moisturiser, make-up primer and a facial sunscreen all in one, making it ideal for anyone looking for a simple yet effective skincare routine.

Our SPF 30 Primer is classified as a chemical SPF. We chose this route as we believe it is important to offer a product with broad spectrum protection. This means that skin is shielded against both UVA and UVB rays and is given the utmost protection.

Whilst the formulation contains the necessary compounds to offer effective protection, it is still 65% natural as it contains active natural ingredients to hydrate, offer antioxidant protection, and provide a silky smooth luminous finish to the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid optimises the circulation of water throughout all layers of the skin leaving it hydrated with a youthful radiant glow whilst Shea Butter works as a natural UV filter and helps to regenerates skin cells . Sunflower soothes calms and heals, making it ideal for those who suffer with sensitive skin, rosacea or eczema. Vitamin E protects skin with anti-oxidant properties.

Do you suffer from sensitive skin? Exposure to the sun is a common sensitivity trigger, especially for those with rosacea, but unfortunately many SPF products irritate sensitive skin. You are in safe hands with our SPF30 Primer though, which has been dermatologically tested and approved for sensitive skin.

How & When

Apply your SPF to cleansed skin as the last part of your daily skincare routine. Apply alone or before make-up application to create a smooth, flawless base ready for make-up. Re-apply throughout the day if required.

ARK Skincare's Skin Essential Skin Protector SPF 30 Primer suitable for sensitive skin


‚ÄúI was looking for a great vegan cruelty free moisturiser suitable for my very sensitive skin. I bought the moisturiser and this primer following the great reviews in the media and on this website. I have not been disappointed. I have not used primer for many years but this is lovely my skin is soft and glowing - my foundation looks so much better. I was thinking of changing my foundation but now don‚Äôt need to. Highly recommend.‚ÄĚ ‚ÄďJanine E, Verified Buyer

¬†‚ÄúAt last! An spf moisturiser I can use! As a 40 something lady who has skin than has never been settled (rosacea, acne and now wrinkles!) I have struggled to find an spf moisturiser that doesn‚Äôt either sting or break me out until now. This skin protector is the best I‚Äôve ever found! It goes on smoothly, feels silky and leaves no sticky residue. Most importantly it doesn‚Äôt upset my skin. Thank you!!‚ÄĚ ‚Äď Gemma, Verified Buyer

‚Äú Love love love. This product was recommended to me by Rosie in your customer service department, and.....OMG I LOVE IT! It soaks in really quickly, my skin feels great and it leaves a lovely light sheen to my skin. So much so, I've stopped wearing a skin brightening make up product I've always used. Big thumbs up from me.‚ÄĚ ‚Äď Judy E

To learn more about ARK Skincare’s SPF 30 Primer and read some more of our fantastic reviews, click here to head over to our website! For more product information and helpful skincare tips you can also find us on Instagram and Pinterest! @arkskincare

ARK Skincare's 5 Top Tips For Looking After Sensitive Skin

A persons hand showing swatches of ARK Skincare's Sensitivity & Redness Collection

What is sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is skin that is easily irritated and more reactive than normal skin. Symptoms of sensitive skin can include red, dry or tight skin which may feel hot or sore to touch. Symptoms may be constant, or come and go depending on what causes them. 

What causes sensitive skin?

There are many factors that may contribute to skin sensitivities. Skin conditions such as Rosacea and Eczema are often associated with sensitive skin as they can cause skin to be more reactive. Other causes of skin sensitivities may include extreme weather conditions such as strong winds or sun, stress, fatigue or even dietary habits.

How can I treat it?

There are many things to consider when looking after sensitive skin. In this post, we share our 5 top tips and some of our best product suggestions to help you calm and nourish your skin.  Keep reading to find out more!

1. Prioritize your cleansing routine

ARK Skincare's Skin Essential Pre-Cleanse & Make-Up Remover. Vegan friendly skincare.
Pictured:  ARK Skincare's Skin Essential Pre-Cleanse & Make-Up Remover

Cleansing is one of the single most important things you can do for your skin. Throughout the day, bacteria is attracted to our skin through touch, sweat and environmental pollutants.

If bacteria is left on the skin, it can linger, grow and contribute to early ageing, pigmentation and breakouts. Therefore, double cleansing is essential for removing make-up, daily grime and excess oils to ensure skin is left thoroughly cleansed. 

If you are new to the idea of double cleansing, we have lots of helpful information in our previous blog posts including a Q&A with ARK Skincare’s CEO Tamsin Styles (here) and a step-by-step guide on how to cleanse your face properly (here). 

 You may also like to take a look at our Pre-Cleanse & Make-Up Remover. The effective oil based-formulation attracts excess oils and lifts grime and bacteria from the surface while nourishing the skin with a blend of essential oils. To learn more about this product and read some of our fabulous customer reviews, click here to head over to our website.

2. Cleanse your skin with lukewarm water

Man washing his face over a sink in a mirror

Cleansing with hot water strips skin of its natural oils & can exacerbate sensitivities, so it is always best to cleanse your face with lukewarm water instead. Lukewarm water helps to loosen the dirt and grime, but preserves your skin's natural hydrating oils.

Once you have finished cleansing, make sure to gently pat your skin dry with a cotton face cloth. Avoid rubbing your skin as this may cause irritation.

3. Use gentle skincare products to soothe and nourish your skin

Products from ARK Skincare's Sensitivity & Redness Collection. Vegan friendly. Suitable for sensitive skin.
Pictured: ARK Skincare's Skin Perfectors 

If you suffer from sensitive skin, it is important to steer away from products with any harsh ingredients that may cause irritation. Instead, choose skincare products which contain high-quality natural ingredients that will gently soothe and nourish your skin. 

Here at ARK Skincare, all of our products contain a high percentage of natural ingredients, created with sensitive skin in mind. We ensure our formulations are FREE FROM Parabens, SLS, mineral oil, S.D. Alcohol, Formaldehyde, and Artificial Colours & Fragrances as we understand avoiding these irritants is the first step in achieving optimum skin health. 

We also use hard-working active ingredients in all of our products which are  carefully selected to help nourish and soothe the skin. Allantoin & Bisabolol are used in many of our product collections and are especially gentle, making them ideal for sensitive skin. 

Allantoin offers exceptional healing, moisturising, and soothing properties, making it perfect for use on sore or irritated skin. It is found naturally in most organisms, and is the active ingredient in Comfrey Root which has been used for centuries in medicinal preparations. 

Allantoin's anti inflammatory and highly efficient hydrating properties make it a skin calming "must have" for anyone with skin sensitivities. Clinical trials demonstrated a significant decrease in irritation; a reduction in redness; and an increase in moisture content after application. It can help heal and protect skin. 

Find Allantoin in the ARK Skincare Reverse Gravity Eye Cream; Hydrating Beauty Mist; Radiance Serum;  Plumping Lip Cream; and Intensive Hand & Nail Cream. 

Bisabolol, is found in soothing Chamomile, but can also be sourced from the Candeia Tree in Brazil. It is a natural remedy which soothes very sensitive and easily inflamed, or irritated skin, and can also assist the absorption of other active ingredients. It has anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties and has been widely used for centuries to help calm and soothe and heal. In addition it can help fade hyperpigmentation and even out skin tone giving a brighter complexion.

Bisabolol is an active ingredient in the ARK Skincare De Stress Serum and the Conditioning Body Serum.

To learn more about our soothing products and learn more about the key-active ingredients we use, click here to visit the ARK Skincare website. 

4. Keep to a simple and consistent routine

Woman applying her skincare products in front of a bathroom mirror

While we know it can feel tempting to try lots of different products with the hope to treat sensitivities, doing so may overstimulate your skin and actually do more harm than good.

To keep your skin calm, resist the urge to chop and change between lots of products. Instead, create a simple routine with a selection of high-quality products which is easy for you to stick to. Consistency is key. 

Have you ever heard of a skin cycle? The skin cycle is where a new skin cell is formed at the deepest layer of the epidermis and works its way up to the surface of the skin. On average a skin cycle is 5-6 weeks. Therefore, we would recommend trying any new products for at least 6 weeks to see results. 

If you know your skin is particularly sensitive, we would always recommend patch testing any new products on a small area such as the side of your neck before applying it to a larger area to ensure your skin reacts well.

It is also a good idea to add new products to your routine one by one over a matter of days. This means that if your skin were to react to a product, you will be able to determine which one it was and narrow down which ingredients your skin may be sensitive to. 

5. Remember to apply your SPF 

ARK Skincare's Skin Essential Skin Protector SPF 30 Primer for sensitive skin.

Pictured: ARK Skincare's Skin Protector SPF 30 Primer 

The sun‚Äôs ultraviolet rays (UV) rays can cause multiple skin issues including premature aging, pigmentation and increased sensitivity. SPF products help to shield skin from these harmful ways and ensure it is kept protected. Look out for broad ‚Äėspectrum‚Äô protection which will protect your skin against both UVA (ageing) and UVB (burning) radiation.¬†You can¬†learn more about the importance of wearing SPF by visiting our blog.¬†

ARK Skincare’s Skin Protector SPF 30 Primer offers broad spectrum protection as well as working as your daily moisturiser and the perfect make-up primer, tackling 3 jobs in one. 

ARK Skincare's Sensitivity & Redness collection full of products suitable for sensitive skin on a bathroom counter. Vegan friendly.

If you are experiencing soreness, redness, irritation, inflammation or tightness please do look at our collection of products curated for such concerns.

ARK Skincare’s Sensitivity & Redness collection is filled with products that utilise natural ingredients with proven soothing and anti-redness properties to de-stress and calm irritated skin, reducing the signs of redness. Plus, each of these formulations have undergone independent testing to verify their suitability for sensitive skin. 

To learn more about our products, you can visit our website, or follow us on social media! @arkskincare 

For personal recommendations, please contact our customer care team who will be more than happy to help and answer any questions you may have.

ARK Skincare's Sensitivity & Redness Collection - Products To Calm & Soothe Sensitive Skin

ARK Skincare's Sensitivity & Redness collection formulated for sensitive skins
Pictured: ARK Skincare's Sensitivity & Redness Collection, formulated for sensitive skins

Here at ARK Skincare, all of our products are created with a high percentage of natural ingredients, with sensitive skin in mind. We ensure our formulations are FREE FROM Parabens, SLS, mineral oil, S.D. Alcohol, Formaldehyde, and Artificial Colours & Fragrances as we know that avoiding these irritants is the first step in achieving optimum skin health. 

In this week's post, we focus on a selection of products which contain botanical complexes clinically proven to soothe, calm and protect. Plus, these formulas have all undergone independent testing to verify their suitability for sensitive skin.

Skin Perfector De-Stress Serum 


ARK Skincare's De-Stress Serum for sensitive skin suffering from stress or fatigue. Vegan friendly skincare.


Pictured: ARK Skincare's Skin Perfector De-Stress Serum

Are you suffering from stress or fatigue? The combination of stress and tiredness can often have a negative impact on your skin, leaving it feeling tight, dry or irritated. 

ARK Skincare’s De-Stress Serum is especially designed to protect the skin against pollution, environmental factors and stress. Packed with antioxidants, this highly protective serum acts as a second skin, helping to shield stressed, tired skin. 

Vitamin E offers anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, whilst Grapeseed Oil provides a silky feel to the skin. Bisabolol, found in Chamomile, also works as an anti-inflammatory and helps to calm and soothe irritation. Rasmaranic Acid defends against free radicals (these are unstable molecules that can cause damage to your skin cells).

This serum is perfect for those whose skin is suffering from stress, fatigue or environmental damage as it works to bring the skin back to optimal health. 

How & When

Apply 2-3 drops directly onto clean, dry skin before moisturiser, or mix into your moisturiser and apply together.

Skin Perfector Anti-Redness Serum 

ARK Skincare's Skin Perfector Anti-Redness Serum for sensitive skin suffering from redness and Rosacea
Pictured: ARK Skincare's Skin Perfector Anti-Redness Serum

Do you suffer from redness, facial flushing or tightened, sensitive skin? ARK Skincare’s Anti-Redness Serum has received numerous positive reviews and has helped many of our lovely customers who suffer from skin concerns to reduce the appearance of redness. 

This popular formulation contains a botanical complex which is clinically proven to calm and protect irritated skin. A blend of ingredients including Solomon’s seal, Arnica & Cypress help to decrease inflammation and stop redness in its tracks, minimising the appearance of redness associated with Rosacea. 

Sunflower Oil soothes and maintains moisture levels by protecting the skin's natural barrier, helping to keep it feeling soft and supple. Defensil reduces itching, dryness and flushing. 

Perfect for people of all ages who struggle with redness, facial flushing or itchy, inflamed skin. Our Anti-Redness Serum will leave your skin feeling cool and calm with redness and irritation diminished. 

How & When

Apply 2-3 drops directly onto clean, dry skin before moisturiser, or mix into your moisturiser and apply together.

Skin Perfector Hydration Injection Masque

ARK Skincare's Skin Perfector Hydration Injection Masque formulated for dry, sensitive skin

Pictured: ARK Skincare's Skin Perfector Hydration Injection Masque & Gua Sha Jade Facial Tool 

The perfect weekly treatment for those suffering from dry or dull looking skin.

ARK Skincare’s Hydration Injection Masque drenches the skin in hydration, helping to boost moisture levels and offer 24 hour protection against water loss, helping to keep the skin feeling soft and plumped. 

A vitamin blend helps to restore vibrancy - Vitamin A to regulate collagen synthesis; Vitamin B5 for smoothness; Vitamin C to fade pigmentation & Vitamin E to prevent free radical damage.

Hyaluronic Acid optimises water circulation of water through all skin layers, helping to keep skin feeling smooth and hydrated. Sugar Beet & Abyssinian Oil intensely nourish the skin, leaving it feeling silky smooth. 

Perfect for anybody suffering from dry, dull or sensitive skin. The bioactive ingredients ensure skin looks rested, restored to health, and with a youthful glow.

How & When

 Use once or twice per week. Apply a thin layer to cleansed skin, avoiding the delicate eye area. Leave on as stated below, depending on your skin’s age-related needs:

 Teens and twenties: Leave on for approximately 5 minutes.

Thirties and forties: Leave on for approximately 10 minutes. 

Fifties and onwards: Leave on for approximately 20 minutes. 

Use overnight for an intensive treatment. 

Remove with a cloth soaked in hand-warm water. Pat dry.

Skin Essential Skin Protector SPF 30 Primer

ARK Skincare's Skin Essential Skin Protector SPF 30 Primer

Pictured: ARK Skincare's Skin Essential Skin Protector SPF 30 Primer

Exposure to the sun is a common sensitivity for those with rosacea. Protect your skin with our SPF 30 Primer which acts as your skin-perfecting daily defence by shielding skin against UVA & UVB rays.  

Shea Butter works as a natural UV filter, protects, nurtures and regenerates skin cells whilst working as an anti-inflammatory. Sunflower, rich in Vitamin E, soothes, calms, heals and hydrates, making it suitable for those who suffer from skin sensitivities such as eczema or acne. Hyaluronic Acid optimises the circulation of water throughout all layers of the skin. The airbrush finish also makes this the perfect primer to apply before make-up application for a flawless complexion. 

Perfect for those who are looking for a daily moisturiser, sun protector and make-up primer all in one or those who are looking for an additional boost of hydration and SPF protection to apply on top of their daily moisturiser. 

How & When

Apply a generous amount to cleansed skin in the morning, alone or over your moisturiser, before applying make-up

Skin Essential Hydrating Beauty Mist 

ARK Skincare hydrating beauty mist toner

Our intensely refreshing beauty mist helps to cool and calm irritated skin. Ideal for those prone to facial flushing, it soothes and protects whilst adding a veil of hydration.

An Amino Acid Complex mimics the skin's natural moisturising function to soften and smooth, while Hyaluronic Acid aids hydration, reduces roughness and relieves dry skin. Goji & Blue Lotus provide high concentrations of essential nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants with detoxifying and antioxidant properties. The perfect handbag savior, make-up refresher and hydration hit throughout the day. 

How & When

Before make-up: Spritz onto cleansed skin before proceeding with a serum or moisturiser to trap an extra layer of moisture into the skin. 

For a dewy look: Spritz after applying powder makeup to give a dewy finish.

To refresh makeup: Spitz over face prior to reapplying or touching up makeup. It ensures make up reapplies with ease.

To refresh, cool and calm: Spritz as required when hot and bothered in warm climates; when travelling; or when feeling flushed. The natural scent of wild water mint will revive you.

During exercise: Spritz to cool, calm and refresh. Perfect for use during a yoga or Pilates class.

If you suffer from sensitive skin and would like to learn more about these products, click here to visit our website. Should you have any questions or need further product advice, please feel free to contact us via and our customer care team will be more than happy to assist you. 

Fore more product information, reviews and other latest news you can follow us on socials! @arkskincare

6 Top Tips To Help You Ease Yourself Out of Lockdown

Finally. The sun is shining, the days are getting longer and lockdown rules are beginning to ease. Like many others, we are thrilled to be able to re-open our shop and see some friendly faces. It's great get back to work and sense a some more normality.

Although, after living under lockdown restrictions for the best part of a year, getting back into the swing of things can feel a little overwhelming. With that in mind, in this week's post, we share our 6 top tips on how you can feel a little bit more prepared when easing yourself back into a normal routine.

1. Pace yourself

A cup of coffee and a reading book resting on a brown sofa

After being locked up with very little to do for the best part of a year, there are many who are desperately excited to get back out there, go to their nearest shopping centre and arrange to catch up with friends and family straight away.

While it‚Äôs exciting to sense some normality returning, it is important to take things at your own pace and do what YOU feel comfortable with. Social situations and sensing the world opening back up overnight can feel daunting, so don‚Äôt be afraid to take your time when starting to do ‚Äėnormal‚Äô things again. Make sure to do what feels right for you.¬†

2. Take Some Time To Get Organised

A marble journal resting on a work desk with a gold pen

For many of us, after being cooped up for so long, the idea of going out feels really unfamiliar. Even getting ready to go out and do something as simple as going to the shops can feel strange!

If you are starting to return to a more usual routine, now is the time to get organised. Often, by having a clear vision of what is happening around you and what you need to get done, it can help you to be more productive and feel more prepared for what’s coming next. 

Take some time to sit and write a list of everything you need to do and slowly work your way through. If you are returning back to work or education, even doing those simple tasks such as packing your bag or making your lunch the night before can eliminate some of the stress and busyness on the day, allowing you to feel more relaxed and prepared. 

3. Practice Self Care Rituals

A pink coffee mug resting on a magazine on rocking chair

Are you suddenly having to get used to your commute to work or starting back at the gym again? Many of us have spent so much time at home, especially for the last few months that now a ‚Äėnormal‚Äô looking day can feel pretty exhausting! Lockdown easing is a sudden shift for everybody, so remember to be kind to yourself if you‚Äôre feeling tired or a little run down.¬†

Give yourself some time to continue the self-care rituals you have learned and practiced during lockdown to make sure you have an opportunity to unwind and take care of yourself. 

4. Get back into good habits

Women smiling while listening to music through her airpods


Now we are sensing some more normality, you may find it helpful to ease yourself back into a daily routine. By getting into the habit of doing things now, you’ll be doing them in a few weeks without even giving them a second thought.

Have a think of all the important things that keep you feeling well - staying hydrated, eating well, getting plenty of sleep and prioritising daily exercise often help all of us to feel good. Make a plan of when and how you can keep on top of things so you can ensure you have enough time.

Now is also a good time to think about your skincare habits. When was the last time you treated your skin to a weekly treatment? Are you making sure to apply your SPF every day? Do you remember to double cleanse every evening? For more on our Spring Skincare Tips, take a look at our previous blog post by clicking here. 


5. Show your skin some love

ARK Skincare's products for sensitive skin, shown on the back of a persons hand

When you begin to go out more, you may notice skin sensitivities occurring - especially with the change in season. Throughout the winter, skin has been hiding under our long-sleeved t-shirts and jumpers, hats, coats and gloves so spring does bring a significant change in your surroundings such as humidity, pollen and extreme weather changes. Now is the time to indulge in some self care and treat your skin to some TLC.

Top tip: Are you making sure to wear a clean mask each time you go out and nourish your skin to reduce symptoms of Maskne? Read more about our tips for Maskne Prevention here. 

ARK Skincare's products for sensitive skin

Pictured: ARK Skincare products for skin sensitivities and redness

A selection of our products were recently individually tested to verify their suitability for sensitive skin - all passed with flying colours and we have had some great feedback from many happy customers who have seen some brilliant results from using them. To learn more about skincare for sensitivity and redness, click here to visit our website. 

6. Be Kind To Others (and Yourself!)

Coffee mug with a quote inside which reads "always be kind"

We’ve been in the pandemic now for over a year, so with lockdown easing and things returning back to normality, anxieties are bound to be high.  It’s not surprising if socialising feels strange or more difficult when you haven’t been doing it, so be kind to yourself and remember to take one step at a time. It’s also important to remember that whilst the rules are easing, we all still need to do our bit to be safe and considerate of one another by keeping our distance, being patient with each other and be mindful of how others may be feeling. 

We hope these tips help you to feel a little bit more prepared for easing yourself back into normality. Remember, It’s a really strange time for us all, so it’s okay to feel uncertain, but this is a really positive step and soon we will have lots more to feel excited about, especially when the warmer weather comes!

In the meantime, if you would like to go read our previous blog posts with tips on self-care, you can find them by clicking here. 

To learn more about ARK Skincare, head over to our website

You can also follow us on socials! @arkskincare

ARK Skincare's Top 7 Tips for Spring Skincare

The clocks have sprung forward, the weather is starting to get warmer and spring has officially begun! We are so looking forward to the longer days and some normality returning in the next few months… 

Now is the perfect time to be thinking about how you can adapt your skincare routine for the change in season. With that in mind, in this post, we share our 7 top spring skincare tips to help you keep your skin looking fresh, radiant and glowing.

1. Practice a Double Cleansing Routine

Women cleansing her face over a sink

If there is one thing you should know about the team at ARK Skincare, it’s that we’re passionate about double cleansing. 

If you didn’t cleanse your skin properly, your pores may become congested which could lead to unwanted skin concerns, meaning that cleansing thoroughly is one of the most important things you can do to keep your skin clear and healthy. 

 Cleansing thoroughly also helps to create a clean surface before applying your skincare products, helping them to absorb properly into your skin.

For your first cleanse, choose an oil based cleanser. Oil cleansers are very efficient ways of removing make-up, dirt and excess sebum from the skin. Cleansing oils also prevent congestion and shine without stripping away natural oils needed for healthy balanced skin. 

Once you’ve removed make-up and grime from the surface, it’s time to clean deeper. For your second cleanse, opt for an age specific cleanser with high-quality ingredients. The second cleanse will help to ensure your skin is left thoroughly clean while the active-ingredients help to nourish your skin.

2. Wash your make up brushes

Person holding a handful of make-up brushes

It’s time to be honest...When was the last time you cleaned your make-up brushes?

 We know it may feel like a chore, but the truth is that keeping your brushes clean is extremely important for your skin’s health. 

Overtime, make-up brushes accumulate bacteria, oil and dead skin cells. So, if you use your brushes over and over without cleaning them, you will increase the risk of spreading bacteria to your skin which can lead to skin concerns such as clogged pores, break-outs and dullness. 

Get into the habit of cleaning your brushes regularly to reduce a buildup of bacteria. Experts suggest cleaning your tools once a week. Keeping brushes clean will also keep the bristles soft and be less irritating to the skin. It also reduces the risk of contaminating your make-up products. 

3. Spring Clean Your Skincare 

Man applying moisturiser to his face in the mirror


At this time of year many of us find it useful to have a spring clean and sort through our things - but have you tidied your skincare recently?

If you are someone with a collection of lots of different products, now may be a good time to sort through what you’re using and what you may need to get rid of. Especially during lockdown, time can often pass without us realising, so it may be time to check those expiry dates too! 

You may also like to think about cleaning where you store your skincare products. We know how grubby make-up bags and draws can get...

4. Use a clean mask with every use and make sure to wash regularly 

Person holding a bunch of reusable cotton masks

Ideally, each time we go out, we should be using a fresh face mask every time to reduce the spread of the virus, and also spreading bacteria to our skin.

Throughout the pandemic, many have opted for reusable masks. While there are many benefits to reusables, like being more environmentally friendly and choosing our own designs, it can also mean many of us become guilty of wearing the same mask over and over without cleaning it as regularly as we should be. 

Wearing a mask is not very kind to our skin to start with. It covers our mouth and nose, trapping our breath and creates a warm, moist environment for bacteria to grow. So, not  only can re-wearing your mask make it less effective, but can also risk spreading more bacteria to your skin. 

To avoid spreading bacteria to your skin, have 3-4 reusable masks to hand so you can alternate while you wash your used ones. 

5. Don't Forget to Exfoliate

ARK Skincare's Exfoliator with Ingredients

Pictured: ARK Skincare's Triple Action Exfoliator

With the warmer weather on its way, it’s time to buff away winter skin and reveal a brighter and more luminous complexion.

 Have you tried ARK Skincare’s Triple Action Exfoliator? 

This clever formulation exfoliates the skin in three different ways with three different exfoliants: physical, fruit acid and enzymatic.  The physical exfoliant is made from bamboo particles which gently slough through dead skin and grime from the surface, leaving skin with a smooth, polished texture. 

Alpha Hydroxyl Acids from Bilberry, Sugar Cane, Sugar Maple, Orange and Lemon increase the range of cell renewal, helping to diminish scars and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The Skin Regenerating Enzyme dissolves desmosomes (adhesive proteins that can cause dead cells to build up on your skin), to release dead skin cells, fade pigmentation and improve nutrient absorption. 

Gently massage into the skin and follow the instructions depending on your age. Click here to learn more! 

6. Don’t forget to apply (and reapply) your SPF!

ARK Skincare's SPF 30 Primer with sunglasses outside in the sunshine
Pictured: ARK Skincare's Skin Protector SPF 30 Primer 

The warmer weather is on its way and along with the sun comes stronger UV rays, meaning it’s important to layer up your SPF to keep your skin protected. 

Time to reach for ARK Skincare’s Skin Protector SPF30 Primer. This award winning formula provides broad spectrum sun protection (from UVA and UVB rays) while Hyaluronic Acid Booster helps to smooth and hydrate skin. Apply alone as a daily moisturiser, on top of your age intelligent moisturiser for added sun protection, or as a primer before applying make-up. 

Make sure to re-apply throughout the day for maximum protection.

7. Add a Layer of Hydration 

ARK Skincare's Hydrating Serum for dry, rough skin

Pictured: ARK Skincare's Hydrating Serum 

During the winter months, skin has been hiding under our scarfs, jumpers and cosy loungewear, but now that the warmer weather is here, skin is exposed more to the surrounding environment and therefore, prone to dryness. Make sure to apply a nourishing moisturiser and body lotion to keep your skin soft and supple. 

If you’re looking for an intense boost of hydration, try ARK Skincare’s Hydrating Serum. Cucumber extract hydrates and improves elasticity, whilst Laminaria Algae traps water molecules in the skin to prevent water loss. Perfect for those suffering from dry or rough skin. Simply apply 2-3 drops to cleansed skin, or mix into your daily moisturiser for an added layer of hydration.

We hope that you find these tips helpful in the transition into spring... Do you have any other skincare tips you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you! Tag us at  @arkskincare. 

To learn more about the products mentioned and the rest of the ARK Skincare range, head over to our website!



Product Focus: ARK Skincare's Age Intelligent Cleansers


ARK Skincare's Age Intelligent Cleansers. Protect. Defend. Defy. All ages. Natural Ingredients.


Here at ARK Skincare, we understand that skin changes with age and needs to be treated accordingly. Young skin needs protecting but not over stimulating, whilst mature skins need higher levels of nourishment, and help to keep skin supple and firm.

With that in mind, ARK Skincare offers three Age Intelligent Cleansers, each packed with active ingredients to cleanse, nourish and target the skin in each age group. We have Protect for teens & 20s, Defend for 30s and 40s and Defy for the over 50s. 

In this post, we focus on how each of our Age Intelligent Cleansers work to help you achieve optimum skin health and share some independent reviews from customers and brilliant quotes from the press. Keep reading to find out more!

Age Protect Skin Clear Cleanser

ARK Skincare's Age Protect Skin Clear Cleanser for teens and 20s with ingredients
The best skin clearing cleanser for your teens & 20s 

Clear blemishes and smooth your complexion with ARK Skincare’s Age Protect Skin Clear Cleanser. Especially designed for young skins, our Age Protect Cleanser contains an anti-spot formula, helping to keep hormonal skin clean and clear by gently lifting away any dirt, grime and excess sebum. It also cleverly balances oily and dry areas, helping to leave skin feeling clean and comfortable.


Watercress, Nettle & Horsetail herbs reduce excess sebum, eliminate excess shine and help to naturally balance the skin, whilst Oat Amino Acids gently wash away any impurities. White Tea provides anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties and protects from free radicals (these are unstable molecules that can cause damage to your skin cells). Vitamin E, with antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties protects against environmental damage and leaves skin feeling smooth.


"I love using this cleanser - and a little goes a long way as it lathers up so nicely!" - Darly Rose, Beauty Blogger

"I use this after the pre-cleanse makeup remover and it is amazing. I have suffered with teenage spotty skin in my late 20s and this range has completely changed my life (might sound drastic but my skin ruined my confidence!) I normally get a lot of sebum causing spots around the jaw and mouth and no other cleanser has really cleared that without leave my skin ridiculously de-hydrated and dry. This range is my life saver please never discontinue!" - Charlotte S, Customer

¬†‚ÄúWhen I first started using the cleanser I was quite surprised how light and liquidy, almost gel like the cleanser was‚Ķ It leaves my skin feeling so clean and refreshed. It's not harsh or drying and I'd definitely say it's had a positive impact on my skin with regards to blemishes - especially with all the hormones in my body just now.‚ÄĚ Jenna Suth, Beauty & Fashion Blogger

"Best my skin has ever been since using this amazing cleanser. Worth a try if you have really sensitive skin..." Laura Crane, Love Island Contestant 

Age Defend Conditioning Cleanser

ARK Skincare's Age Defend Conditioning Cleanser for 30s and 40s
The best cleanser for use in your 30s and 40s

When we hit our 30s and 40s, skin may be beginning to show signs of ageing or sensitivity. During this age, we would recommend reaching for ARK Skincare’s Age Defend Conditioning Cleanser. 

This ultra nourishing cleanser gently removes impurities and daily grime, while a blend of natural ingredients boost skin’s firmness and defend against moisture loss. An ideal cleanser for sensitive skin it instantly calms the appearance of redness whilst conditioning agents promote elasticity and keep skin supple.


Kiwi and Passion Fruit Lipids quench the skin and Passion Fruit helps to reduce sensitivity and redness. Moringa Oil removes impurities and gently exfoliates to leave skin feeling soft and smooth. Vitamin A Palmitate provides antioxidant support and protects the skin, whilst Omegas 6 & 9 protect against moisture loss. Blue Lotus keeps skin supple and acts as an anti inflammatory. 

Reviews & Press 

"This is probably my it's such a pleasure to use. The gel-type consistency that my skin always seems to favour, it also has the loveliest light and natural fragrance to it... I've been using this morning and night for a while now, and it always leaves my skin feeling clean but not stripped, and beautifully balanced." - 'Kate Louise Blogs' Beauty Blogger

 "I have always struggled with sensitive dry skin and have tried numerous cleansers. I have been using this for a couple of weeks and so far so good. No issues so I am pleased. Also it isn't tested on animals so thats another bonus :)" - Jayne M, Customer 

 "I’ve been using Ark for around 7 years and I cant recommend it highly enough. The cleanser paired with the Ark pre-cleanser are extremely effective while still leaving your skin feeling hydrated and without that tight face feeling afterwards" - Stephanie D, Customer 

"I recently ran out of all my facial products by another brand and swapped to Ark. That was a fantastic move - the cleanser cleans my skin beautifully (and removes all makeup!) and doesn’t leave it feeling tight. Lovely fragrance. I have waited 6 weeks before reviewing and I am so happy with the swap!" - Hannah S, Customer  

Age Defy Brightening Cleanser 

ARK Skincare's Age Defy Brightening Cleanser for 50s and onwards with ingredients

The best cleanser for your 50s and onwards

When we get to our 50s, the skins natural processes have slowed down which can leading to less efficient moisture retention and more potential for sensitivity, dehydration, fine lines and wrinkles. 

Especially designed for mature skin, ARK Skincare's Age Defy Brightening Cleanser is packed full of active ingredients to help brighten, nourish and hydrate. The rich cleansing cream helps to create a more radiant complexion, rejuvenating skin and reduce the signs of ageing. 


Apricot Kernel Oil moisturise and nourishes mature, dry, sensitive skin, whilst Vitamin C and Red Algae help to reduce pigmentation or age spots and brighten the skin. Blackcurrant and Starflower Oil are rich in fatty acids which help to strengthen skin and boost moisture retention. Gojiberry provides protects, detoxifying and rejuvenating properties particularly suited to mature skins.

    Reviews & Press  

    " was the nicest cleanser I've used in ages, and it did appear to make my skin brighter...... A really impressive brand: I loved everything I tried" - India Knight in The Sunday Times Style 

    "Bought this with the pre cleanse, it is amazing. Have used Ark products over the years, but this just gels them all together. The cleansers leave your skin so soft, no dryness at all, and with my oils and moisturiser, my skin really is feeling lovely! I love this cleanser and would definitely recommend it" - Mandy W, Customer

     "I've been using this cleanser for a few weeks now and I'm loving it, it cleans all my makeup off leaving my skin so hydrated and it seems my skin is clearer as well. I've used lots of very expensive cleansers in the past but this is my new best friend and I will be using this from now on." - Jane C, Customer

    "I've Often found cleaners for mature skin drying, but this was easy to use and made my skin feel smooth and soft afterwards. Will definitely buy again" - Sallie C, Customer

     To learn more about our Age Intelligent Cleansers and the rest of the ARK Skincare product range, click here to visit our website!

    How To Cleanse Your Face Properly

    Woman cleansing her face over the sink with warm waterWashing your face... It sounds so simple, doesn’t it?

    The truth is there is more to cleansing than one may first think - but why is it so important?

    During the day, dirt, grime and excess oils can build up on the skin through touch, airborne bacteria and environmental pollutants. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure you are cleansing your skin properly to get rid of every last trace of make-up or grime that could clog your pores. 

    If you didn’t wash your face and left bacteria to build up on the skin, it could contribute to skin concerns and early signs of ageing, so it's important to get your cleansing routine right.

    It’s not just about how you cleanse either. It’s also important to think carefully about which products you use and get into good habits to make sure you're taking good care of your skin.

     In this post, we share our top do’s and don'ts for cleansing to help you establish  a great cleansing routine. Keep reading to find out more!

    ARK Skincare's three Age Intelligent cleansers with ingredients. Protect. Defend. Defy.Pictured: ARK Skincare's Age Intelligent Cleansers


    DO Choose formulas that are free from harsh cleansing ingredients 

    When choosing your cleanser, don’t just reach for a bar of soap. Instead, make sure you choose a product which contains high-quality ingredients made for delicate skin. Believe us, your skin will thank you in the long run!

    All ARK Skincare cleansers are made with sensitive skin in mind and use a blend of natural ingredients to cleanse and nourish. All of our cleansers are also Sulfate free, meaning that they cleanse skin gently and effectively without any harsh chemicals.

    DO Select a Cleanser suited to your skin's age-related needs

    It’s always best to choose a cleanser that is suited to your age. Young skin needs balancing, but not over stimulating. Mature skin needs to be nourished with ingredients to rejuvenate and repair. 

    Skin changes with age and needs to be treated accordingly which is why ARK Skincare offers three Age Intelligent Cleansers, specifically formulated for each age group.

    To learn more about your Age Intelligent Cleanser, click the links below to head over to our product pages. 

    Age Protect Skin Clear Cleanser

    Formulated for your teens & 20s
    ARK Skincare's Age Protect Skin Clear Cleanser. Teens & 20s. Clear Skin.

      Age Defend Conditioning Cleanser

    Formulated for your 30s and 40s
    ARK Skincare's Age Defend Cleanser for 30s and 40s. Mature Skin. Sensitive Skin.

     Age Defy Brightening Cleanser

    Formulated for your 50s and onwards
    ARK Skincare's Age Defy Brightening Cleanser for 50s and onwards. Mature skin.

    DO Take your time massaging the cleanser into your skin 

    Give your skin some TLC. Make sure that you massage the cleanser into your skin for at least 30-60 seconds to allow the active ingredients to absorb into the skin and lift away any excess dirt and grime. Use the pads of your fingertips & work in gentle circular movements to work the cleanser into your skin before washing off. 

    DO Use a fresh muslin cloth or flannel everyday. 

    It may seem excessive, but it is important to use a clean face cloth every day to avoid spreading bacteria. Re-using the same wash cloth over and over again will spread more bacteria to your face which could contribute to skin concerns. 

    Top tip:  Make sure you have a couple of high-quality face cloths so that you can pop them in the wash after each use, while still making sure you have a clean one to use the next day.

    DO Keep to a consistent routine. 

    A selection of ARK Skincare products on a dressing table

    Caring for your skin takes time and persistence, but it is time worth spending. Consistency is key. By taking good care of your skin and keeping it clean, it will look much brighter, healthier and also help you to avoid skin concerns in the future.

    It’s important to note that it takes time for your skin to regenerate, so try to avoid switching up your routine too often. You will see the best results by practicing an effective cleansing routine with a few high-quality products which you consistently.


    DON'T Wash your face under the shower

     The water you use in the shower will most likely be too hot. Hot water strips skin of its natural oils & can exacerbate sensitivities, so it is always best to cleanse your face over the sink with lukewarm water instead. Lukewarm water helps to loosen the dirt and grime, but preserves your skin's natural hydrating oils.

    DON'T Use face wipes

    Although face wipes may seem like a convenient option, they do not cleanse your face anywhere near as well as a high-quality cleanser as they are not able to breakdown the dirt and excess oils on the skin. 

    Not only are wipes poor at cleansing the skin, they often contain lots of chemicals which are responsible for leaving skin dry and irritated - especially as you have to rub and pull at your skin.

    The extra couple of minutes it takes to cleanse properly is most definitely worth it and you will certainly see a difference.

    DON'T Ever sleep in your make-up.

    When you go to sleep, your skin works hard to regenerate and repair. During the skin cell turnover process, new skin cells push to the surface while your skin sheds old cells. 

    Leaving make-up on overnight can trap the dead skin cells, preventing the skin from regenerating. This can cause buildup of dead skin cells, excess oil and bacteria which can lead to a number of skin concerns and leave the skin looking dull and aged. So, no matter how late it may be or how tired you are, make sure to always cleanse before bed!

    DON'T Avoid using a cleansing oil if you have oily skin

    ARK Skincare's Skin Essential Pre-Cleanse & Make-Up Remover. Oil Cleanser.

    Pictured: ARK Skincare's Skin Essential Pre-Cleanse & Make-Up Remover

    If you suffer from oily skin, don't shy away from using an oil based cleanser. It will not produce any more oil on the skin. In fact, the cleansing oil helps to attract the excess oil and carefully balances and nourishes the skin, leaving it feeling clean and comfortable. 

    DON'T Skip the double cleansing step from your evening routine

    If you haven’t heard of double cleansing before, it may come as a surprise that you should actually be cleansing your face twice. Double cleansing is essential for removing daily grime and ensuring the skin is left properly cleansed. 

    For your first cleanse, choose an oil based cleanser. Oil cleansers are very efficient ways of removing make-up, dirt and excess sebum from the skin. Cleansing oils also prevent congestion and shine without stripping away natural oils needed for healthy balanced skin. 

    For your second cleanse, opt for an age specific cleanser with high-quality ingredients. The second cleanse will help to ensure your skin is left thoroughly clean while the active-ingredients help to nourish your skin.

    To learn more about double cleansing, click here to read our double cleansing Q&A with ARK Skincare's CEO, Tamsin Styles

    We hope these tips can help you to put together an effective cleansing routine. Should you have any questions or need any product advice, please do get in touch via or reaching out to us on socials!

    For more information on the ARK Skincare Cleansers and the rest of our product range, click here to visit our website!

    Double Cleansing Q&A with ARK Skincare's CEO Tamsin Styles

    Headshot of ARK Skincare's CEO, Tamsin Styles

    Here at ARK Skincare, we are passionate about cleansing. We truly believe that practicing a good cleansing routine with high-quality products is one of the most important ways to keep your skin looking and feeling great. 

    Throughout the day, bacteria builds up on the skin from touch, sweat and airborne pollutants. Therefore, it is important to cleanse regularly to remove any dirt, oil and excess sebum. 

    If you don’t cleanse your skin, your pores may become congested which could lead to unwanted skin concerns. Cleansing thoroughly also helps to create a clean surface before applying your skincare products, helping them to absorb properly into your skin.

    In this post, we share the answers to our frequently asked questions on double cleansing and help you to understand how it can benefit your skin. 

    Q: What is double cleansing?

    A: Double cleansing is simply cleansing twice with two cleansers. Step one is to cleanse with an oil-based cleanser to remove make up, pollutants and daily grime; step two is to cleanse skin with a gel or cream water-based cleanser to leave skin thoroughly clean.

    Q: Why use a first step oil cleanser? 

    A: Oil attracts oil so a first step oil-based cleanser will efficiently lift away make up and oil-based grime, and excess sebum, as well as clinging to pollutants to ensure they are thoroughly removed. This is essential for skin health.

    Q: I have oily skin so is using an oil cleanser a good idea?

    A: It is. Oil cleansers are very efficient ways of removing excess sebum from the skin and preventing congestion and shine without stripping away natural oils needed for healthy balanced skin. Massage the ARK Skincare Pre Cleanse oil onto the skin and once you add water it turns milky, and washes off very easily along with unwanted oils, dirt and grime leaving your skin soft, clean and clear, but never greasy.

    Q: How long will it take as I just do not have time….

    A: Using a first step pre cleanse is faster than a wipe! Our pre cleanse was formulated for professional use by facialists wishing to have a very fast efficient way of removing their client’s make up when they arrived for a treatment. It is so fast you won’t look back!

    Q: My skin feels clean after the first step, so why do I need a second?

    A: Once you remove your daily makeup, pollutants and grime, you can move on to cleansing the skin. Use an age specific cleanser which also includes active ingredients to treat and nourish the skin as you clean it. You will really notice a difference. 

    Q: Do I need to double cleanse morning and night?

    A: You should always double cleanse in the evenings to ensure every last bit of makeup, daily pollutants and SPF are removed. It is vital that you do not go to sleep with these clinging to your skin. However, in the morning it is not necessary to perform a full double cleanse, but it is still important to clean skin with your age intelligent cleanser before applying your serum, moisturiser and daily SPF. 

    Q: Will all this cleansing make my skin feel tight?

    A: No. Not if you are using a good quality oil cleanser and an age specific cleanser. The ARK Skincare cleansers are formulated with the antioxidants, vitamins and lips your skin requires for optimal health and will leave a soft, calm feeling after use. 

    New to the idea of double cleansing? We have everything you need to get started:

    Skin Essential Pre-Cleanse & Make-Up Remover


    ARK Skincare Pre-Cleanse make-up Remover


    Introduce a pre cleanse to your skincare and make-up removal routine and you'll never look back. This multi-fruit lipid blend with Omegas 3, 6 & 9 is perfect for thoroughly removing your make-up and clearing away everyday grime build-up.

    Age Protect Skin Clear Cleanser 

    The best skin clearing cleanser for use in your teens and 20s. 

    Our Age Protect Cleanser, specially formulated for younger skin, is packed with  hard-working active ingredients which help to clear blemishes, reduce excess sebum and illuminate excess shine. It also cleverly balances oily and dry areas of the skin, leaving skin clear and comfortable. 

    Age Defend Conditioning Cleanser

    The best cleanser for use in your 30s and 40s.

    Our ultra nourishing Conditioning Cleanser helps to effectively remove daily grime and make up while boosting the skin's firmness, leaving skin clean, plump and supple. This moisturising cleanser also defends against moisture loss and instantly calms any appearance of redness or irritation.

    Age Defy Brightening Cleanser

    The best cleanser for use in your 50s and onwards

    Specially formulated to combat the signs of hormone loss in mature skin, our rich cleansing cream encourages a radiant complexion while helping to reduce the signs of ageing. Natural ingredients help to strengthen the skin and give it a generous boost of moisture. Perfect for skin needing brightening and hydrating.

    We hope these answers have helped to clear up any questions you may have on double cleansing. Should you ever need any help or product advice, please do get in touch via or mentioning us on socials @arkskincare. We will be more than happy to help!

    For more information on the rest of the ARK Skincare product range, click here to head over to our website!

    Self Care 101 - 10 Ways You Can Be Kinder To Yourself

    Feeling tired or run down? From time to time, we all need a gentle reminder to take some time for ourselves and practice self-care. With that in mind, in this post, we share 10 ways you can show yourself some kindness to help you feel great and glow from the inside out. 

    1. Take Time To Check In With Yourself

    A notebook and a cup of tea resting on a sofa with a cosy blanket

    Take a few minutes to be mindful about how you’re really feeling. If you are feeling worried, sad or stressed, have a think about what you can do to make yourself feel better.

    This could be reaching out to talk to a close friend or family member, comforting yourself with a relaxing evening in with your favourite film, or finding a positive distraction to take your mind off whatever is bothering you. 

    2. Manage Your Goals & Expectations 

    Woman using her laptop at a work desk with her phone and notebook

    With the busy, fast-paced lives we lead, it can often feel like there is so much to get done and busy ourselves with. While it’s great to feel a sense of accomplishment by getting things done, it’s also important to make sure you’re not overworking yourself. There is no use in trying to do everything at once if you’re going to end up burnt out and feeling exhausted...

    You may find it useful to write down a daily or weekly to do list so you have a clear plan of what you need to get done. Prioritise your tasks by making a note of the most important things which need to be done first before working through your list. 

    By managing your time, you can also manage your expectations of what you will be able to achieve. Then, if you don’t have time to do everything, you know you can push something back until the next day. 

    3. Practice Positive Self-Talk Regularly

    Self talk, otherwise known as ‚Äėinternal dialogue‚Äô is the way we speak to and think about ourselves. Practicing positive self talk can help and benefit all of us. It encourages us to believe in ourselves, pick ourselves up when we‚Äôre feeling low and helps to improve our self-confidence.¬†

    When you are feeling particularly negative or anxious, it can become easy to talk yourself down. This is when it is important to recognise negative thought patterns and know how to challenge them. 

    Examples of this could be:

    Negative thought: I’ve been so lazy today. I really should have done some exercise. 

    Positive thought: I decided to have a rest today and that’s okay. Everyone deserves a day off. I can exercise some other time instead. 

    Negative thought: There is no way I can achieve this. 

    Positive thought: This may be challenging and take more time than I first expected, but I will get there eventually.

    Negative thought: I can’t possibly try doing this. I’ve never done it before and will fail and look silly. 

    Positive: This is a great opportunity for me to try something new. It may take a few tries to get it right and that’s okay. It’s all part of learning. 

    Treat yourself as if you were talking to your best friend. If they came to you feeling low, would you talk down to them? -  No! You would be kind and encourage them to do something to make themselves feel better… Make sure to give yourself the same treatment.

    4. Believe In Yourself!

    script text on wall - believe in yourself

    This may sound cliche, but when you have self belief, everything feels much easier. 

     Sometimes focusing on the things we like about ourselves can be really difficult as it can make us feel like we’re being vain or self centred. But the truth is, having  self awareness and recognising your strengths can really helps to boost self confidence. Take some time to think about all positive qualities you have to offer and what skills you can improve on to build your self-esteem.

    5. Show Yourself Forgiveness

    We all make mistakes now and again.. When we do, also important to forgive ourselves and know when to let go and move on. 

    Each morning when we wake up, we start a brand new day and face every new experience with the knowledge we have learnt so far.

    Everybody is learning all the time, so remember - It’s okay to mess up now and again!  It’s these experiences that teach us right from wrong so we know how to cope with things in the future. 

    6. Surround Yourself With Positive Energy

    With spending a lot more time at home during lockdown, many of us have turned to our phones and are spending a lot more time on social media.

    When scrolling through your apps, have a think about the content you're viewing and how it makes you feel. If anything you're viewing that leaves you feeling or thinking negatively, it may be time to make some changes to your following list. Have a look and find accounts which will uplift you and make you feel good instead.

    7. Keep The Mind Of A Child

    A child walking across a wooden bridge by a lake

    Remember being back in the classroom as a child when everyone would be desperate to volunteer to get up on stage and try new things? 

    Children have a brilliant sense of optimism and self-confidence because they are not afraid of ‚Äėlooking silly‚Äô or getting things wrong. This is because they have not yet experienced feelings of self-doubt or embarrassment.

    As we get older, through our experiences, we learn what it’s like to feel embarrassed and shy we and often let these negative emotions hold us back, but we shouldn't let them get in the way.  

    Remember - it’s okay to get things wrong sometimes. Just try to keep a light sense of humour. Learn how to laugh at yourself, brush yourself off and "try, try again!" 

    8. Make Sure You’re Taking Care Of Yourself

    When we take care of our physical health, it can often make us feel a lot better mentally too. Make sure you’re keeping yourself well by getting plenty of sleep, keeping hydrated, eating well and getting regular exercise. These small things may sound basic but they play such a huge part in feeling good, so it's important to make sure you prioritise them.

    Spend yourself some self care by getting some exercise, cooking a nutritious meal or taking a few ours to relax and pamper yourself.  If you’re in need of a treat, head on over to our website. From our AgeIntelligent ranges and Skin Essentials to our Skin Perfectors and Body Beautiful Collection, our specifically formulated skincare products are the perfect addition to a pamper evening. 

    9. Stop Worrying About What Others May Think 

    If you are constantly trying to please others, you may become exhausted and defeated. It is important to do the things that make you feel happy and try not to worry about the opinions of others. You cannot please everyone, but remember, as long as you are kind to others and try your best in what you do, that’s all anyone can ask of you...

    10. Remember To Give Yourself Some Credit

    A board of calligraphy showing "be proud of how hard you are working"

    When we’re busy, it can be easy to forget all the great things we are achieving. Take some time to reflect on all the positive things you do and remember to treat yourself every so often! We all need a bit of self care and indulgence from time to time... 

    We all have days where we don’t feel so great and that’s okay. It’s just all about having the right tools to know how to make yourself feel a bit better...

    We hope this post has given you some helpful tools and suggestions of things you can do to pick yourself up whenever you’re feeling low. Do let us know by getting in touch on socials - we always love hearing from you! @arkskincare

    To learn more about our products, head on over to our website

    In Need of Inspiration For Mothers Day? Here's How You Can Make It Extra Special

    A vase of flowers on a breakfast tray with cereal and pastries

    March is here and Mothers Day is just around the corner.

    Still looking for ideas? Don’t worry! We’re here to help. In this post we share some suggestions of how you can make this mothers day extra special.

    We also feature some of the products from our carefully selected gift collection and some exciting special offers to help inspire you.

    *We understand that not everyone may choose to celebrate mothers day. Although this post is mothers day themed, these ideas and gifts can be perfect for anybody, whether it be your mum, friends or family members.

    1. Get Creative With a Homemade Gift

    Women decorating a home-made chocolate cake

    If you have some spare time on your hands (which many of us do at the moment...)  and feel like giving something different a go, how about creating your own gift? There’s nothing better than receiving something homemade that someone has put thought and effort into. Perhaps you could have a go at baking her best loved treat, putting together a photo album of your favourite pictures or making your own mothers day card. (If you’re in need of some inspiration, there is lots of help on Pinterest and Instagram too!)

    2. Organise a Special Lunch

    A selection of sandwiches, cakes and desserts for an afternoon tea

    We’re all still waiting patiently until we are able to dine out and enjoy lunch/dinner at our favourite restaurants, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make this mothers day one to remember. Why not think about bringing a special meal to her instead? Maybe you could surprise her with her favourite meal or take-away - or if you wanted something a little bit different, perhaps you could arrange an afternoon tea. There are some brilliant small businesses who have started offering delivery services. There's nothing better than a cup of tea and a piece of cake...

    3. Go On a Socially-Distanced Walk Together 

    A mother and daughter walking through the woods together

    If you live locally to one another, perhaps you could do a door-stop delivery to give your mum her gifts or even go for a socially distanced walk. There’s nothing better than being able to see one another and catch up in person with a take-away coffee... If you're lucky, hopefully the sunshine will be out too!

    4. Invite Her On a Virtual Date

    A young women lying on her bed on chatting to her family on a video call

    If you don't live close enough to be able to see your mum in person, now is the time to make the most of technology. Record a short video message or create a montage video with your favourite pictures to take her down memory lane.

    Perhaps you could even arrange a zoom date where you could both do an activity together or watch a film you both enjoy. Despite not being face-to-face, there are still plenty of ways to spend your time together...

    5. Make Your Own Post-Lockdown Coupons

    A handmade love coupon gift offering breakfast in bed

    If you’re not able to do the things you might usually do to celebrate mothers day, how about making some IOU coupons for activities you can do together post lockdown? Maybe you could take her for coffee or lunch, go on a day trip, plan a cinema date or do some of her favourite hobbies together. It will be something nice you can both put in your diaries to look forward to later on!

    6. Have a Spa Day At Home

    bath candles - pamper image

    Show your mum some TLC by setting her up with her very own spa day at home. We have a selection of thoughtful gifts we think will be perfect to spoil her with...

     If you aren't local to be able to deliver them yourself, simply enter her address at checkout and have them sent direct. There's nothing better than a surprise delivery!

    Body Beautiful Duo 

    ARK Skincare's Body Beautiful Vitality Hand & Body wash and Nourishing Hand & Body Lotion

    Pictured: ARK Skincare’s Body Beautiful Vitality Hand & Body Wash and Nourishing Hand & Body Lotion 

    Indulge in a luxury shower (or bath time) experience with our Body Beautiful Duo. Lather up with our popular, soap free Vitality Hand & Body Wash in the shower, or pour a small amount under the running tap to fill your bath with bubbles. Follow up with our Nourishing Hand & Body Lotion to leave your skin feeling silky smooth. 

    You can learn more about the hard-working active ingredients in these two products by reading our previous blog post here. 

     Conditioning Body Serum 

    Person holding ARK Skincare's Body Beautiful Conditioning Body Serum

    Pictured: ARK Skincare’s Body Beautiful Conditioning Body Serum 

    This luxurious body oil with a beautiful scent made from a blend of natural essential oils is like the equivalent to spa treatment in a bottle. Bisabolol, extracted from the Brazilian Tree, provides a natural remedy for sensitive or irritated skin, while Vitamin E helps protect the skin from the damaging effects of environmental pollution. Gently massage the oil into your skin after showering to lock in moisture and help to keep your skin hydrated. 

    * Purchase a Conditioning Body Serum and get a FREE box of 5 facemasks! Limited time only. Click here to shop now. 

    Geranium, Eucalyptus & Peppermint Travel Candle

    ARK Skincare's Geranium, Eucalyptus & Peppermint Travel Candle in small silver tin

    Pictured:  Spaaromatics Geranium, Eucalyptus, & Peppermint Travel Candle

    Let this beautiful spa scented candle fill up the bathroom while you run a hot relaxing bubble bath. Geranium, Eucalyptus, & Peppermint with Lavender and Rose creates a calm, cocooning fragrance - the perfect addition to a pamper evening to help you relax. 

    7. Encourage Her To Take Some Time For Herself

    A woman posing as if she is a sleep wearing a spacemask (self heating eye mask) over her eyes

    Pictured: Spacemasks - Self heating eye mask

    Show your appreciation of everything your mum does by encouraging her to some time out to relax...

    We’ve teamed up with the brilliant Spacemasks - the perfect treat for yourself or somebody you love. These clever self-heating eye masks start to work their magic as soon as you take them out of the packet. Place on your eyes, lie back, and relax. The combination of the gentle warmth and Jasmine essence can help ease tension headaches and eye strain. The perfect way to unwind before you turn in for the night...

     Facial Massage Set

    ARK Skincare's Skin Perfector Hydration Injection Masque and Gua Sha Jade Facial Tool

    Pictured: ARK Skincare’s Skin Perfector Hydration Injection Masque & Jade Facial Tool 

    Our beautifully crafted Jade Facial Tool is used to perform a facial massage technique called Gua Sha. The ancient beauty therapy has been used for several thousand years as a natural way to achieve a healthy, radiant, youthful complexion. Included you will find an easy step-by-step guide, giving you everything you need to become a Gua Sha expert. This set also includes our popular Hydration Injection Masque - the ultimate pick me up for tired, dull or dry skin.

    We hope these ideas can help give you some inspiration of how to make your mum feel special this Mother's Day.  We would love to see what you get up to, so make sure to tag us on on social media! @arkskincare

    To take a look at the rest of our special offers and the rest of the ARK Skincare collection, click here to visit our website!