ARK Skincare

Protect. Defend. Defy. Unlock your best skin yet with age intelligent formulas. Made in Britain. Natural Ingredients. Effective results.

Beautiful skin at every age

ARK Skincare is an award winning, British skincare brand, which treats skin by age, and skin concern, using bio active natural ingredients, containing highly effective antioxidants, lipids and vitamins.

ARK Skincare consists of three key age specific ranges, Protect for teens & 20s, Defend for 30s & 40s, & Defy for those over 50. Each range is supported by skinperfectors, a collection of highly effective targeted treatment products to treat any specific skin concerns you may have; and skinessential, a family of every day products for all ages and lifestyles. The combination of selected products from each group provides you with a bespoke skincare programme unique to you. 

Is ARK right for me?

Yes - If you are looking for an effective, affordable, award-winning skincare range that uses natural ingredients and is suitable for even the most sensitive skins. ARK treats skin by age and skin concern; we tackle everything from breakouts and redness to pigmentation and dullness.

Where to start?

First start by choosing your age specific range and select your Cleanser and Moisturiser for your age. These contain the optimum levels of vitamins, minerals, lipids and antioxidants to give you beautiful, healthy skin at any age.

Second choose the best treatments from the Skin Perfector range which will address any skin concerns you have.

Third add in products from the ARK skin essentials range to complement your lifestyle. 

Finally, to balanced body and mind, explore the Body Beautiful and Spa Aromatic ranges.

    Meet our brand ambassadors

    Susie Amy is a well-known actress, respected beauty blogger and qualified reflexologist. Susie became involved with ARK after falling in love with the products. Her favourite product is Radiance Serum. ‘I absolutely love the Radiance Serum; it gives my skin the most gorgeous glow all day.’

    Alice Theobald is a top make-up artist who regularly works with supermodels, celebrities and royalty. Alice relies on ARK to prep the skin of her clients before make-up and is never without ARK’s Primer in her kit. ‘SPF30 Primer is a must for all ages and all skin types. It's become a 'hero' product for my makeup kit providing an even, long lasting base for all my clients. I highly recommend it!

    Natural ingredients and made in britain

    Natural Ingredients Made In Britain