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Beauty Bag Secrets - Full ARK Review

Beauty Bag Secrets provides a full review of our Age Defend products and our Hydrating Beauty Mist. 
Beauty Bag Secrets reviews ARK's Age Defend products and Hydrating Beauty Mist.
"What excites me about ARK Skincare is that the brand has been developed to deliver age intelligent formulas to complement and enhance skin for the age you are."
ARK's Hydrating Beauty Mist received a glowing review at Beauty Bag Secrets for its fresh minty smell and dewy effect.

"The Hydrating Beauty Mist was a pleasant addition to my skincare routine.  I am absolutely in love with the fresh minty smell of this mist.  Initially I only used the mist in the evenings after cleansing and before moisturing to provide my skin with another layer of hydration.  A few days later I started applying the mist after applying my makeup (I use a powder foundation) for a fresh dewy look.  My skin literally couldn’t ‘drink’ it up quick enough."  

"This is a real winner for me, so much so that I took it on holiday with me to Belgium. We drove from Belgium to Luxembuorg and back via France to London in 32 degree heat. I can honestly say that on that day my quick draw with this mist would have impressed any cowboy in a Western shootout."

Beauty Bag Secrets loved ARK's Age Defend products and Hydrating Beauty Mist.
 "I don’t wear a lot of make up day-to-day so the cleanser removed all traces of my makeup without the need for a double cleanse.  Packed with ingredients like Moringa Oil rich in Vitamin A and C, this cleanser left my skin feeling clean, plump and ready to absorb the next layer of my skincare."
"The (moisturiser) container has an airless pump which means it delivers the exact amount of product needed every time.  I tend to overdo my moisturiser which usually leaves me with a lot of excess product which my skin doesn’t absorb.  My skin felt nourished but not greasy which has sometimes been the case with other moisturisers I have tried."
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