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Back to (skin) school - our top tips for achieving healthy skin

Child holding school books and carrying a rucksack whilst walking back to school

Relieved to see your little ones going back to school and your big ones going back to college or uni? You are not alone! It has been a long, hot, challenging summer! Now they are heading back it is our chance to claw back some time for ourselves. 

During the summer ….

Has your daily routine gone out of the window?

Have you been out in the hot sunshine?

Have you felt dehydrated in the heat?

Have more sugary and processed foods crept into your diet?

Have you felt flustered or stressed trying to keep the whole family entertained?

Have older teens driven you crazy?! 

All the above can have a detrimental effect on your skin. Time to return to skin school and get your natural glow back.

Read on for top tips and links to useful articles to help...

Top tips to bring your skin back to health

ARK Skincare Age Defy Model

Re-establish a daily routine.

Consistency is key. Make sure you have time each day to double cleanse and use a serum and moisturiser. It doesn’t take long, and you will see real results. Click here to read our expert guides “Secrets to healthy skin” and “Cleansing masterclass”.

ARK Skincare's expert guide sharing secrets to a healthy complexion and glowing skinARK Skincare's expert guide with tips on cleansing and achieving clear skin

ARK Skincare's Triple Action Exfoliator and Hydration Injection Masque

Exfoliate and masque.

Sloughing away dead skin cells is essential to skin health. If you have had less time for yourself over the holidays you may have neglected this step of your routine. Exfoliate now and use a masque to kick start your routine again. 

fresh vegetables

Get your diet back on track.

It is easy to overindulge whilst on holiday, or whilst feeding the whole family. Catering to everyone else’s requests often means we eat more processed foods, and may mean sugary foods and alcohol creep into our daily lives. Take stock and return to a fresh, healthy, rainbow diet and you will see the return to glowing skin. 

Young woman lying on a white bedsheet asleep

Get back into healthy sleep patterns.

Sleep is critically important for our physical and mental wellbeing and our skin is the first organ to show the signs of sleep deprivation. Get back into a good sleep routine and feel and see the benefits. Click here to read our expert guide “Beauty Sleep Is Not A Myth!”

Get out in the fresh air by yourself.

ARK Skincare's expert guide including tips on how to manage stress levels

If you have had a house full for two months finding some solitude will be very welcome. Head out for a walk, enjoy the fresh air in peace. De stress. Click here to read “is stress affecting you?”

ARK Skincare's expert guide on how to perform Gua Sha facial massage

Fit regular relaxation past times into your week.

Make time to read a book. Cook healthy recipes. Get back to crafting. Learn facial massage. Find whatever it is you love. And breathe whilst doing it! Click here to read our guide to “Unlock The Secrets of Selfcare"