"It's silky heaven" read why Susie Amy will always double cleanse. – ARK Skincare


"It's silky heaven" read why Susie Amy will always double cleanse.

Model washing face - ARK Skincare cleansing


Have you ever been in a city all day and blown your nose and it’s black? Pollution. It’s not a friend to the skin either. When summer comes I think my most important skincare tip - aside from the obvious sun protection warning - would be to double cleanse. I do it all year round, whether I’m wearing make-up or not. Here is how my top tip product, ARK’s Pre Cleanse and Make Up Remover, works.

Clean skin is vital - and I mean clean skin.  There is little point in applying expensive serums and moisturisers to skin that isn’t clean- they just won’t sink in. Instead they sit on top of a layer of grime, sebum, pollution and dead skin cells. Before I use my regular cleanser from ARK Skincare which is the Age Defend Cleanser designed for people in their 30’s and 40’s I use the incredible first step cleanse ‘Pre Cleanse and Make Up Remover’ - it’s an oil. You apply a little directly over your skin and eyes - don’t wet your face first. Its magic ingredients grab hold of everything- every grain of make up - even waterproof mascara, and every trace of the invisible dirt of the day. You then wet your hands and massage in, it emulsifies and you simply splash it away. Then you cleanse as normal. You’re left with skin clean enough to celebrate!

Firstly for people who think their skin is too oily to use an oil which I hear all the time - that’s not correct. Because of how oil binds to oil it’s the best thing you can use to remove oil. There is not a trace of this product left on your skin when you have splashed it away. It’s silky heaven, and I give my face an invigorating massage when applying it too to boost circulation.

So what’s in it? It’s a multi fruit lipid blend and it contains omegas 3, 6 and 9. It’s incredibly nourishing and won’t leave your skin feeling stripped or dry because it contains Grape seed, Avocado and Kiwi which are soothing and protective. Another magic ingredient of this blend is Margosa Leaf Extract - which removes bacteria and prevents its growth on the skin. It’s also suitable for the most sensitive of skins. The entire ARK skincare range is incredibly kind to sensitive skin. You may have seen the amazing results on skin with rosacea. I introduced a friend of mine with the most reactive skin to ARK. She was so hesitant, I had to persuade and persuade her to try it - and now to my joy it’s all she will use. The whole British made range is also vegan and forever cruelty free.

Back to double cleansing. Even if you are lucky enough not to get spots, blemishes and blocked pores - your skin needs to be clean. In a similar fashion to someone who can eat what they want, not exercise and stay slim, someone who can use make-up remover wipes and not get a breakouts does not mean healthy skin is underneath that’s will look good over the years.

Make up wipes are a huge sin - firstly they are appalling for the environment - and secondly they do not leave the skin clean. They push dirt and make up around the face. If everyone could see their skin under a microscope after using a wipe they wouldn’t be so appealing.

The Pre Cleanse and Make-Up Remover has become my absolute essential product- I’m completely addicted to it. Try it this summer, I promise it’s a game changer.