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Lady Writes - Gift Guide : The Candle Edit

Lady Writes wrote a beautiful blog post about the best candles you should be buying this Christmas, featuring our lovely travel candles. 
"Candles make such fantastic gifts - everyone loves a good scented candle after all. You can't go wrong with giving a scented candle as a gift, it's just about finding the right one for the person you're giving it to."
ARK Skincare travel candle
"I only recently started buying travel candles, and now I don't go anywhere without them. They're perfect for when going on holidays, or visiting friends, to lightly scent a room and create a relaxing atmosphere - no matter how far from home you are. If you're buying for someone who travels a lot for business or pleasure then these gorgeous Ark Travel Candles would make the perfect gift. There's several scents to pick from - favourites of mine are the Vanilla, Sandalwood and Amber which is perfect for musk lovers and then the Rose, Geranium and Violet which is perfect for the floral fragrance fans. Both have a delicate scent which won't overpower, but will lightly fragrance any space to smell exactly as your chosen person would like. Hand poured, each candle comes housed in a handy tin and has approximately 22 hours of burn time."
ARK Skincare Rose travel candle
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