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The Style Lane: Hydration SOS

Those fine, horizontal dehydration lines are often mistaken for signs of accelerated ageing, when actually, unlike reversing time, combatting a lack of moisture is a realistic skincare goal to reach. Along with sipping on plenty of aqua and getting a healthy diet in place, there are a ton of products out there to quench thirsty complexions. Where to start? Here are six we’re really loving…


The Style Lane included ARK Skin Perfector Hydration Injection Masque in its 'Hydration SOS' list.

If you’ve got a big event, wedding, or holiday to look forward to and want to appear radiant and rested, this is your product. It’s packed with mighty hyaluronic acid (your best beauty friend for dehydrated skin) and quite literally, transforms a tired face from grey and dry to plumped up and completely comforted. The thick gel texture is like a big, moisture hug for stressed skin. There’s also a lovely addition of vitamin C to brighten. £35 | SHOP

ARK Skincare's Hydration Injection Masque won the Beauty Shortlist Awards last 2016.

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