Anti-ageing in your twenties is a difficult concept to grasp. Why should you care about anti-ageing now? Well… ageing of the skin really does start to happen in your twenties. Some of us can be quite cavalier to our approach in our skincare regimen during our twenties…many smoke, drink and don’t use daily sun protection, and only use skincare to address our basic needs, but as you age the skin starts to lose its elasticity. Levels of collagen (the building blocks of our skin) production starts to slow down meaning our skin starts to look crepey, dry, starts to sag, and fine lines start to appear. Not only that but we also start getting age spots, discolouration, uneven skin tone, redness… I don’t dare to go on. If you’re having to read this post, chances are you don’t have much of a scoobies about skincare and so I will briefly outline the importance of an anti-ageing regimen and give product suggestions based on the most basic routine. It really doesn’t have to be complicated, but lemme tell you that it all starts with protection.

Anti-Ageing really matters


Why does ageing occur at such a young age? Have you ever looked at a child’s poreless and smooth skin (not in a creepy way)? You’ll notice that you just don’t seem to have the same smooth canvas as theirs and the primary reason for this is free radical damage.

What’s free radical damage?

Free radical damage is caused by things such as the environment (stress, pollution, smoking, drinking and sun damage). Free radical damage causes a process of oxidation and causes stress to the skin cells causing them to die and mutate. When this happens our skin basically starts to look a bit shit.

Ark Skincare

So, how can I fix it?

The most important step of preserving your youth is PROTECTION (against free radical damage). You should try to protect yourself from free radical damage. Just recently, I was sent some amazing products by brand ARK. They’ve got a great cruelty-free line which is made up of individual products that are targeted for different age groups.

I love using uber luxury lines as I tend to treat my skincare as a bit of an OCD type indulgence, but to be honest, if you look for the key ingredients you can find some amaze products for half the price. Ark sits somewhere in the middle with me and I love the natural simplicity of the brand-nothing too fussy, just effective and affordable products that are optimised for each age group. I’ll talk you three a simple routine to help you understand anti-ageing a little better for us twenty somethings…


The Age Protect Skin Clear Cleanser contains really natural ingredients and has been designed to balance out oily and dry areas-something I’m really prone to. My t-zone and chin is normally oily, whereas around my nose and cheeks are a little drier. It cleanses the skin to help you avoid any bouts of adult acne, and feeds your skin with white tea (an anti-microbial) which will help to fight free radical damage.



The Skin Essential Hydrating Toner is filled with all kinds of gorgeous scrumptious antioxidants such as Blue Lotus which calms the skin and boosts elasticity. The way to fight free radicals and protect your skin is with anti-ageing antioxidants…as many as you can get your hands on. You can achieve this through eating lots of fruit and veg but research has shown that topical application can be just as effective, if not more so than oral consumption.



Don’t underestimate the power of a serum! Ark Skincare's Radiance Skin Response Serum is one that it is loved by many celebs and bloggers including MIC’s Stephanie Pratt and is fast attaining a cult status! If you consider yourself as a bit of a glowgetter, then this one is deffo for you! The amino acids help to even out skin tone, and it helps to reduce the appearance of age spots. A little goes a long way.



Last up is my fave step: Moisturising. Finish up with the Age Protect Skin Vitality Moisturiser. My favourite thing about this was the design of the bottle. You push down the lid and so it helps to avoid spreading bacteria over the bottle keeping your routine nice and clean. It’s full of Omega 9 fatty acids and vitamins to keep your skin plump and hydrated, and also contains Panthenol to help fight signs of acne and soothe irritation. It’s an effective moisturiser which will regenerate your skin and fight daily urban battles. Perfect for any city girl!

To summarise, make sure your products are loaded with antioxidants, and always ALWAYS use a product that contains SPF or a UV mineral filter-as the sun is the number one granny skin contributor! Don’t wait until it’s too late-start your anti-ageing regiment prompto.