From Fiona - 'Integrating ARK Skincare'

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From Fiona - 'Integrating ARK Skincare'

From Fiona wrote a blog post all about how she has integrated ARK Skincare into her routine. The products she used were the Age Defend Cleanser & Moisturiser, the Pre Cleanse & Make-Up Remover and the SPF30 Primer
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About the Pre Cleanse & Make-Up Remover she said; "I don’t wear a lot of make-up (I know, bad blogger) but when I do I like to know that when I take it off, it all comes off. The pre-cleanse and make-up remover by ARK Skincare (£30 for 150ml) is amazing. Not only does it smell like a facial in a bottle but it actually removes all my make-up. Although I was only gifted a travel size I can definitely see myself repurchasing this in the future."
Fiona then moves on to talking about cleansing and talks about our Age Defend Cleanser. "I love this cleanser and the scent. My skin feels clean once I’ve used it but there’s no dryness or tightness which I usually associate with cleansers which need to be rinsed off. Adding this cleanser into my skincare routine means I know I’ll be stepping out the shower with a clean face and only needing to tone and moisturise." 
Then, about our Age Defend Moisturiser, Fiona says; "I love the design of this pot of moisturiser. At first look, I thought I was going to have to delve into the pot for it which although I’ve had to in the past I’m not that keen on doing. Instead, there is a pump that pulls the moisturiser up onto the plate above and means that there isn’t any waste.

The shea butter and olive oil in this moisturiser make my skin feel amazing. While it is a moisturiser that is on the thicker side it doesn’t sit on my skin but instead, it skins in and leaves me feeling moisturised and refreshed. I work in a currency bureau with air-con and it does nasty things to my skin but this seems to counteract all of that."
Lastly, Fiona also tried our SPF30 Primer; "SPF is an absolute for me at any time of year. Being a fair-skinned girl that burns easily I need to include an SPF in my skincare regime. I had been using a moisturiser which had SPF in it but with a moisturiser that doesn’t, it’s fab to know that I have that extra layer of protection. I also use it on my arms and hands if its warm instead of sun cream as it feels better and sinks in better.

What I also love is that the SPF 30 Primer* (£36 for 30ml) can also be used as a primer before applying make-up. It can be used on its own as a moisturiser or on top of your moisturiser for extra protection. I love the fact that as it’s a 30ml bottle that I can pop it in my bag when I travel hand luggage only."
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