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Our Terracycle Zero Waste Beauty Boxes

Recycling your packing at our Haslemere Boutique

ARK Skincare partnering with Terracycle Zero Waste Boxes

Finished with your products? Bring them to our boutique or post them back to us. We’ll pop them into our Terracycle box for you and you’ll get 10% off next time you shop!  

Here at ARK Skincare we are passionate about doing our bit to help the environment and take more steps towards sustainability. While we know we’re still far from perfect, we have made lots of positive changes this year and are committed to doing more.

One of the recent steps we have taken is partnering with Terracycle. 

Who are Terracycle? 

Terracycle are a recycling company who recycle typically hard-to-recycle materials and break them down into pellets to make furniture and other consumer goods - rather than letting them head to landfill.

What can go into the Terracycle box?

  ARK Skincare will take back any used beauty containers that can’t be taken by council collections, and pass these on to Terracycle. They do not have to be ARK Skincare products – they can be from any brand.

The following items are accepted:

  • Tubes
  • Airless pump packs (ARK Skincare SPF bottles, lip cream bottles, moisturiser jars)
  • Pumps, Caps or pipettes
  • Shampoo bottles and caps
  • Conditioner bottles and caps
  • Hair Gel tubes and caps
  • Non pressurised hair spray bottles
  • Lip Gloss and Lip Balm tubes
  • Soap dispensers and tubes
  • Lotion Bottles and tubes
  • Mascara tubes, concealer tubes, eye shadow tubs

All packing must be cleaned before it is added to the box. 

Please note the following items are NOT accepted: 

  • Nail polish bottles and nail polish remover bottles
  • Plant-based or biodegradable plastics (ie PLA), wood or bamboo products
  • Sheet masks for face, hands and feet
  • Hazardous waste (sharp, flammable, reactive, corrosive, ignitable, toxic, infectious, or pathogenic) which presents a danger to the environment, or to people
  • Batteries, pressurised canisters, glass and medical waste 

If you would like to send your containers back to us, please email office@arkskincare.com for more details. We are really pleased to be making this positive change and look forward to receiving your empties. Every little helps! 

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