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Lippy in London - Age Defend Cleanser & Moisturiser Review

'Lippy in London' tried out our Age Defend Cleanser & Moisturiser and here is what she thought!
"I had wanted to try ARK Skincare for quite a while so I'm really happy I've had the opportunity to try a couple of products over the past few weeks. Cruelty Free, vegan-friendly and utterly joyful to use, these two have been a welcome addition to my skincare stash but before I get into the details, here's a little bit about ARK."
"The cleanser and moisturiser both contain Kiwi and Passion Fruit lipids which are rich in Omega 3 and help to retain moisture levels in the skin. Blue Lotus also features in both products. Touted as the 'sacred flower of anti-ageing', Blue Lotus is an effective antioxidant which helps to maintain firmness and elasticity."
"The award-winning Conditioning Cleanser is designed to cleanse, nourish and aid the skin's natural exfoliation process via a soothing gel formula. The cleanser contains Moringa Oil which is naturally rich in Vitamin C and A to help create a radiant, glowing complexion as it cleanses away makeup and dirt. 'Conditioning Cleanser' is a spot-on name for this formula as it's very comfortable to use - skin feels nice and clean but not tight or stripped. The Conditioning Cleanser also rinses away easily (this isn't necessarily a washcloth job) and is just really pleasant to use overall. It's worth mentioning that it also smells incredible - sort of herbal and both invigorating and relaxing at the same time. I realise that makes very little sense but you're just going to have to trust me on this."
"First and foremost, I really, really rate this moisturiser. From the packaging through to the finish of the formula, I'm very impressed! A cream formula with a slight gel consistency, the moisturiser has a Shea Butter and Olive Oil base enriched with Co-enzyme Q10 and skin plumping peptides including Matrixyl. Along with the aforementioned Kiwi and Passion Fruit lipids and Blue Lotus, the Replenishing Moisturiser also contains Retinal Parmitate which is gentle enough for sensitive skin and works to increase collagen production and help to keep skin plump and resilient. Like the Age Defend cleanser, this moisturiser smells pretty amazing, which is always a bonus when it's going on your face."
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Boy Does Beauty - Our Skincare is for males too!



All of our products are Unisex! Boy Does Beauty tried out our Vitality Hand & Body Wash and our Age Defend Conditioning Cleanser and here is what he thought; 'The body great for sensitive skin and especially people with eczema prone skin like mine! It contains vitamin B5 and aimino acids. This product for me is divine!!!...The scent is 100% natural and makes me want to stay in the shower all morning.'
'The conditioning cleanser is next on my list, this for me is beautiful! I was sold by reading the ingredients! It contains moringa oil which is rich in Vitamin A and C and gently removes make-up and grime while ensuring skin retains essential moisture. Also soothes redness and inflammation!'

*           *          *           *

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Back to you Beauty; 'Mature Skin Series : Serums For All Mature Skin Types And Budgets'

'Back to you Beauty' has started a Mature Skin Series and wrote a blog post about serums which are specifically designed for all mature skin types and budgets and featured our Skin Perfector Radiance Serum. 
"ARK’s age aware skincare range gives you an almost bespoke regime to work with and using Naturally derived, plant based ingredients in an almost Spa like way is what makes this brand a stand out. With key ingredients such as : Vitamin C, Amino Acids, Red Algae, Velvet Flower Seed, Allantoin, this is perfect for anyone that has Hyperpigmentation and an uneven skin tone. The brightening effect this gel like serum gives is wonderful and over time can reduce pigmentation. It is Vegan friendly, gives the most wonderful, dewy glow to Mature Skin and feels heavenly on. If your budget cannot stretch to the Murad product above, then give this a go. Highly recommended."
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Read the full blog post HERE
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Back to you Beauty's list of 'perfect cleansers on all budgets' - ARK Skincare Age Defend Conditioning Cleanser

'Back to you Beauty' did a blog post in her mature skin series; 'The perfect cleansers on all budgets' and featured our Age Defend Conditioning Cleanser. Her blog post is a concise list of new cleansers that a perfect for all skin types, but especially for mature skin. Her advice is that if you are not cleansing your skin properly, no other products will work efficiently!
"ARK Skincare is a recent find of mine and one i am enjoying exploring more. This award winning, cruelty free brand is making waves in the beauty industry with their Bioactive Natural Ingredients, their ethos and the belief that you can have beautiful looking skin at every age...With a Spa like qualty to all their products they really make for a luxurious, daily pleasure that ensures peace of mind and balance to the skin."
"Age Defend Conditioning Cleanser contains Moringa Oil which is rich in Vitamin A and C and gently removes make-up and grime whilst ensuring skin retains essential moisture. With Kiwi and Passion Fruit lipids which are packed with Omega 3 fatty acids to boost skin’s moisture levels. Blue Lotus, the ‘sacred flower of anti-ageing’ is a powerful antioxidant which helps skin firmness and elasticity. This is a beautiful cleanser. It removes make up and excess sebum, making it a lovely first cleanse, plus helps with any sensitivity or redness in the skin. The gel texture melts quickly into the skin making it easy to work in."


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Read the full blog post HERE

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British Beauty Blogger - ARK Skincare Triple Action Exfoliator

British Beauty Blogger Jane Cunningham tried our Triple Action Exfoliator.
"Exfoliators are probably the most pleasing skin care products, especially if there is a noticeable difference after you’ve used them."

"I love an enzymatic exfoliator as well as a scrubby one, and Ark’s version is both so it’s the best of both worlds to get rid of dead skin cells and give your complexion an all over brighten and perk up. If you haven’t exfoliated in a while, it’s really quite astonishing the difference just getting thoroughly rid of daily grime and old cells makes… it’s almost worth not doing it just for the eureka moment when you finally do."

"I was impressed with the ultra soft feel of my complexion and the light layer of silky oil that left a film on my skin after rinsing. And yes, my skin looks brighter, so it’s a very thorough and effective product."

*          *           *          *

Read the full blog post HERE

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"It's silky heaven" read why Susie Amy will always double cleanse.

Clean skin is vital - and I mean clean skin.  There is little point in applying expensive serums and moisturisers to skin that isn’t clean- they just won’t sink in. Instead they sit on top of a layer of grime, sebum, pollution and dead skin cells.

Make up wipes are a huge sin - firstly they are appalling for the environment - and secondly they do not leave the skin clean. They push dirt and make up around the face. If everyone could see their skin under a microscope after using a wipe they wouldn’t be so appealing.

The solution - double cleanse. First with an oil cleanser then with your age intelligent cleanser.

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Susie Amy - 'My Pregnancy And Baby Favourites'

Our brand ambassador Susie Amy wrote a blog post all about pregnancy and her baby favourites. She talks through a few products which she loved while being pregnant and having her beautiful daughter Noa, from Muslins to beauty products!
One of the products she has been loving is our Conditioning Body Serum; "I used this daily throughout my pregnancy. I had the first bottle from the production line with me in Ibiza at ‘The Bodycamp’ where I found out I was pregnant – so literally from the day I knew I was using this serum. I have to say I have been exceptionally lucky with my skin, and managed to escape stretch mark free (I do appreciate there are contributing factors to this – an interesting fact is that younger skin can actually be more prone to them) but I was religious with this delicious serum. It’s vegan friendly – as is the whole range, and is packed with 100% natural oils rich Omegas 3, 6, & 9."
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Read the full blog post HERE

Can super foods help your skin?

ARK Skincare products are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and lipids, many of which are sourced from nutrient rich foods known as superfoods.

Superfoods have a very high density of nutrients which makes them particularly good at ensuring our health and wellbeing. But which super foods are used in skincare, and how are they beneficial to our skin?
The Age Protect range (for teens and 20s) is high in lipids sourced from Avocado and Peach, antioxidants sourced from White Tea, and Vitamin E. Avocado and Peach provide softening benefits with a light non greasy feel suited to younger skin. White Tea has anti microbial and anti inflammatory properties to clam as well as balancing sebum levels.
The Age Defend range (for those in their 30s and 40s) is high in levels of Omegas from Kiwi and Passion fruit lipids; rich in antioxidants from Blue Lotus; and high in a gentle form of Vitamin A, as well as containing Prickly Pear. Kiwi lipids contain high levels of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, the most important building blocks of skin cells.They decrease inflammation, reduce redness, and prevent dehydration. Prickly Pear derived from the Nopal plant, is a potent ingredient which brightens skin, and increases collagen production. 
The Age Defy range for those aged 50 onwards contains lipids from Blackcurrant and Starflower; antioxidants from Gojiberry; Red Algae, and Vitamin C. Blackcurrant and Starflower contain intensive levels of Omegas 3 and 6. Gojiberry is one of the richest antioxidant herbs and is moisturising, vitalising and soothing. Red Algae contains Zylose and Galactose which give the skin a luminous glow and reduce pigmentation or brown spots.
Discover more about the bioactive ingredients sourced from super foods and herbs by visiting our product pages.
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2019 Skincare Tips

New Year New Skin!
Unlock your best skin yet with our collection of highly effective targeted treatment products to treat any specific skin concerns you may have with our Skin Perfector range

This range includes six targeted serums; Hydrating Serum, Clearing Serum, Firming Serum, Radiance Serum & De-Stress Serum. Along with our Triple Action Exfoliator and Hydration Injection Masque and Regenerating Skin Defence

Introducing a serum into your skincare routine can be highly effective. Either add a few drops into your moisturiser or apply to targeted areas of concern. See our chart below to work out which serum which work best for you!

In addition, try our Hydration Injection Masque - An intensive multivitamin masque to quench skin, plump wrinkles and restore vibrancy. This rejuvenating treatment masque is the ideal weekly pick me up for skin which looks tired, stressed or lacking in radiance. Vegan friendly.

 Moreover, our Triple Action Exfoliator is an innovative triple effect exfoliator with physical, fruit acid and enzymatic action to create exceptionally smooth skin. The AHA blend acts as an Alpha-Hydrox Acid Peel or an enzyme peel as well as the added benefits from physical exfoliation by Bamboo micro particles. Skin is left feeling exquisitely smooth and fine lines and scars are diminished, also Vegan friendly.


*          *          *          *

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Skincare Diaries With ARK Skincare & Lauren Grace

Lauren Grace wrote a review on a selection of our products from our new Christmas Gift Guide and talks about the positive effects the products have had on her skin. 
"I have struggled with my skin for a long time throughout my school days and finding a skincare routine that suits me has always been tough... for the past 6 weeks I have been trialling ARK Skincare's 'Age Protect' range from their Christmas Gift Guide. It is a 4 step routine including an oil makeup remover, a gel cleanser, a toning spray and a moisturiser. At first I didn't notice much difference what with hormones, the weather etc but now I'm weeks down the line I can honestly say the effect it has had on my skin is amazing. The texture and overall quality is so much smoother and it really has reduced so much redness and breakouts."
"If you are looking for a new skincare routine or even fancy buying a gift for someone check out their gift guide for so many other amazing products! I also have the candle to help me relax in the evenings and unwind as my brain is a constant explosion and it literally smells like chai lattes and christmas. Winning!"
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'Best Beauty gifts under £50' by The Independent

The Independent created a list of the 28 best beauty gifts under £50. They featured ARK Skincare's Age Defend Discovery Collection! 
"Ark Skincare have a beauty gift this Christmas for every skincare stage. Age Protect for teens and 20s, Age Defend for 30s and 40s and Age Defy for 50s onwards. Each set contains a Pre-Cleanse & Makeup Remover, Cleanser, Beauty Mist and Moisturiser in a spacious taupe cotton wash bag. For the eco-conscious, Ark Skincare are vegan friendly and completely cruelty free, and their products are particularly suitable for sensitive skin types."
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The Beauty Shortlist have put together their list of '9 of the season's cosiest winter warmers. This includes bath oils, rituals sets, candles and pyjamas. Among their list was our Hydration Injection Masque, an intensive multivitamin hydration injection masque to quench skin, plump wrinkles and restore vibrancy. This rejuvenating treatment masque is the ideal weekly pick me up for skin which looks tired, stressed or lacking in radiance, and its Vegan friendly! 
"Oof this is good! Suitable for all ages (leave on for a few mins or longer, or overnight as a really intensive treatment) and, may we say, pretty miraculous if you’re 45 or over?
One of our best skincare discoveries of the year – try it."
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Our Brand Ambassador Susie Amy wrote a blog about our new Terracycle Recycle Zero Waste Beauty Box when she was last in our Boutique. 
"When I visited the ARK Skincare boutique in Haslemere village last week I noticed a new addition to the shop – a TerraCycle Zero Waste Box. As good as we’ve all become (I hope) at recycling – our plastics aren’t always being recycled – and instead ending up in landfills. There is SO much packaging, so much plastic – and beauty as well as food contributes to this hugely.
TerraCycle is a recycling company that has developed zero waste solutions for difficult to recycle product, waste and packaging. The waste is sorted and reused – making new products – rather than the same packaging heading to a landfill."


What’s accepted?
Shampoo bottles and caps
Conditioner bottles and caps
Hair Gel tubes and caps
Non pressurised hair spray bottles
Lip Gloss and Lip Balm tubes
Soap dispensers and tubes
Lotion Bottles and tubes
Mascara tubes, concealer tubes, eye shadow tubs
Basically any clean packaging apart from perfume bottles, aerosol, and nail polish.
"ARK Skincare are hugely passionate about the environment and I love that they have taken this step in their boutique. Every little helps – and the more companies and people making these changes – the more aware we all become. Anyone is welcome to come into here in Haslemere and use the box. I’m going to save a bag at home to bring every time I come, and stop throwing everything into my regular recycling bin."
 *           *            *            *
For more information –
Read Susie's Full Blog HERE