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Eye Care: Preventing Dark Circles & Puffiness

Eye Care: Preventing Dark Circles & Puffiness 

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Eyes seemingly have it all when it comes to first impressions. Eyes can often be the first thing people notice about us. Sparkling, awake looking eyes are considered healthy, engaging and attractive. They also have the ability to communicate more than we would ever say, and give instant information on how we are feeling. Are you looking after yours?

Having someone comment that "you look tired" is never something we want to hear.  Even if we are feeling fantastic, the appearance of our eyes may let us down. Dark circlespuffiness, and heavy eye lids all make us appear more tired than we are. But these may be caused by number of factors, and not just fatigue. 

What causes dark circles? 

Age - As we get older skin becomes thinner and blood vessels under the surface of the skin can become visible, appearing as dark shadows. 
Allergies - allergic reactions release histamines which dilate blood vessels making them visible. Allergies can also make eyes dry and itchy increasing the likelihood of rubbing your eyes which can damage the delicate blood vessels and create dark circles. 
Genetics - some families are simply more prone to dark circles, as it can be an inherited trait. 
Dehydration - a lack of fluids can cause eyes to become sunken looking, and shadows to be cast. 
Fatigue - the well known cause of dark circles, a lack of sleep makes skin more pale than usual, allowing dark tissue and blood vessels to show. 

What causes puffiness and heavy eye lids?

Age - as we age the muscles supporting the eye area weaken and fat in surrounding tissue may migrate. 
Fatigue - once again a prime cause, eyes may appear more puffy and eye lids heavy when lacking in sleep or when waking up first thing. 
Smoking - eyes can become more swollen and fluid retained as a result of smoking
Salty foods - salty foods can result in fluid retention and an increase in bags under the eyes. 

Can eye creams really help? 

Being well rested, avoiding smoking and reducing salt intake can all help with the appearance of our eyes. However sometimes we need a little extra help. Using a cool compress can reduce puffiness and swelling, and restrict blood flow to small capillaries, and so reduce dark circles. But can any eye creams actually help too? Or can we just use our usual facial moisturiser?

Eye creams contain more oil than a regular facial creams and have a lot of active ingredients that help the dryness of your skin. They also contain carefully chosen ingredients to insure they do not irritate the delicate eye area. In addition active ingredients are often included to specifically neutralise dark circles that can show age and fatigue.


ARK Skincare Reverse Gravity Eye Cream

What makes the ARK Skincare eye cream so effective?

Beautifye - an extract from The Persian Silk Tree - has been shown to strengthen skin and lift the fold of the eye lid, preventing heavy looking eyes. It also contracts blood vessels to fade dark circles and reduce puffiness. 

Amino Acids - a blend of amino acids to offer optimal hydration for the delicate eye area. These amino acids are naturally present in human skin, this offers a boost to the usual moisture level. 

Grape Seed Oil - rich in fatty acid Linoleic Acid which has the ability to plump and hydrate as well as leaving a silky feel to the skin.

Aloe Vera - well known ingredient used to soothe and hydrate.

Allantoin - used for centuries to promote healing, it can repair and protect delicate and sensitive skin. 

The packaging - the cream is housed in a contamination free, airless pack, with an innovative static roller ball for use during application. The metallic ball allows hygienic massaging of the delicate eye area, and provides a cooling, soothing effect to calm, cool and reduce any swelling.

Bioactive content - The formulation is 96% naturally derived and free from all known irritants. 


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