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Mummy's Beauty Corner - 'Three vegan brands worth checking out'

As November is 'World Vegan Month', Dagmara on 'Mummy's Beauty Corner' decided to write about brands and products that are vegan friendly, and for those that are not vegan however like more natural beauty products, show some products worth trying. 
ARK Skincare was on this list as we are vegan friendly and cruelty free. Dagmara focused on our Age Defend Moisturiser. 
"It feels lightweight on the skin, doesn't leave it greasy yet it hydrates and nourishes it making it soft, calmed and smooth...The moisturiser contains also clinically proven anti-ageing peptides, including Matrixyl, which smooth out wrinkles and plump out  the skin for a more youthful looking complexion. Vitamin A (retinol) helps to increase collagen production and plump the skin, Kiwi and Passion Fruit lipids are packed with Omega 3 fatty acids to boost skin’s moisture, Blue Lotus, the ‘sacred flower of anti-ageing’ is a powerful antioxidant which boosts firmness and elasticity of the skin."
"I absolutely love the jar with airless pump, which you need to press firmly down to dispense the product, so hygienic and it keeps the moisturiser locked away from air which causes oxidation of some ingredients. One pump of cream is plenty for entire face and neck, there's subtle herbal scent which I'm not the biggest fan of but fortunately it dissipates very quickly." 
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Lady Writes - Gift Guide : The Candle Edit

Lady Writes wrote a beautiful blog post about the best candles you should be buying this Christmas, featuring our lovely travel candles. 
"Candles make such fantastic gifts - everyone loves a good scented candle after all. You can't go wrong with giving a scented candle as a gift, it's just about finding the right one for the person you're giving it to."
"I only recently started buying travel candles, and now I don't go anywhere without them. They're perfect for when going on holidays, or visiting friends, to lightly scent a room and create a relaxing atmosphere - no matter how far from home you are. If you're buying for someone who travels a lot for business or pleasure then these gorgeous Ark Travel Candles would make the perfect gift. There's several scents to pick from - favourites of mine are the Vanilla, Sandalwood and Amber which is perfect for musk lovers and then the Rose, Geranium and Violet which is perfect for the floral fragrance fans. Both have a delicate scent which won't overpower, but will lightly fragrance any space to smell exactly as your chosen person would like. Hand poured, each candle comes housed in a handy tin and has approximately 22 hours of burn time."
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'A skincare brand that's a must' - Lucy Alice Brooksbank

Lucy Alice Brooksbank has featured our products in her latest blog post, 'A skincare brand that's a must'. She features some beautiful images and a great review of our products. 
"I’ve definitely found that I’ve had clearer, brighter skin in the last few weeks since I discovered ARK Skincare. Each range is formulated to complement and enhance your skin through every life stage."
"My four step staple skincare routine starts with the products above. The age protect range is for younger skin- packed with essential nutrients that balance hydration for a clear complexion. The clear cleanser is soup free and full of omega 9 lipids, Vitamin E and B5, white tea, watercress and nettle horsetail. It lathers into your skin so well and feels gentle whilst banishing skin impurities and excess sebum- its my new best friend!"

"The age protect vitality moisturiser is loaded with peach lipids, avocado oil, vitamin B5 and E, white tea, creatine and anti-pollution algae. It has plumped my skin and made it feel super soft and hydrated. Its rich in antioxidants and provides daily protection from the urban environment. The packaging is genius as the cream sits in an airless jar designed to fully evacuate leaving no wastage. "

"The skin perfect exfoliator really does make your skin feel PERFECT! I was going through periods of having really fine tiny bumps over my cheeks that felt rough and looked irritated. .........After my first use I couldn't believe the smoothness of my skin- it was like milk and honey! A real life savour!"

"Lastly the skin perfect hydration injection masque. It’s so rich, melts into the skin and really makes you look luminous before you’ve even washed it off!....Its an ideal weekly pick me up for when skin is looking tired/ stressed or lacking radiance."


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Natasha Summer's September Favourites

Natasha Summer featured our Age Defend Conditioning Cleanser and Age Defend Replenishing Moisturiser in her 'September Favourites' YouTube video. 
Natasha Summer included ARK Age Defend Conditioning Cleanser in her 'September Favourites' YouTube video.
"The ARK Defend Conditioning Cleanser - My skin in the past month has been playing up and I think its because I have been extremely stressed throughout the month.... and I just feel my eating has gone a little bit out the window and sleep has not been that great and it has definitely shown in my skin. This really calms my skin down, its a really nice rich cleanser that just removes all makeup, there are no bells and whistles to it, its just really gentle and effective and my skin has been responding to it really really well. I really enjoy it, I enjoy the scent as well."
Natasha Summer included ARK Age Defend Replenishing Moisturiser in her 'September Favourites' YouTube video.
"Along with it I have been using the ARK Age Defend replenishing moisturiser. What I love about this is it is just so light weight, it sinks in really quickly but it gives you a beautiful hit of hydration and my makeup goes on top of this flawlessly, it just feels replenished, restored, plumper. I really enjoy it. This is actually formulated for people of my age, so 30s to 40s, I am 31, its a gorgeous formula, really targets around the eye area and tightens everything up, I've just been really enjoying it and the packaging is beautiful as well. So big big fan of ARK Skincare!"
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So Feminine's #Treatyoself Pay Day Haul!

So Feminine created a #treatyoself pay day haul, filled with fashion, beauty and everything in between. Showing you everything you need to be buying this pay day weekend. 
Our Body Beautiful massaging body brush was featured as the product 'to make exfoliating a doddle'.
ARK's Body Beautiful massaging body brush was featured in So Feminine's #Treatyoself Pay Day Haul.
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Award Winner Stockist: Rose's Beauty Room

Our amazing ARK Stockist Rose Green has won the LUX 2017 Awards for Best Beauty Therapy Practice - Sussex 
LUX 2017 Excellence Award for Aromatic Facial Treatments - UK
(using ARK Skincare Products!) 

We are thrilled to hear the great news, Congratulations Rose!


ARK Stockist Rose Green has won the LUX 2017 Awards for Best Beauty Therapy Practice - Sussex & LUX 2017 Excellence Award for Aromatic Facial Treatments - UK.

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Find Rose's Beauty Room at:

25 York Avenue
 Off herontye
 East Grinstead
 RH19 4TL

Book an appointment with rose on: 01342 317037, or email:

Laurzrah's Autumn Skincare Edit

Laura shows us how she is switching up her skincare routine as were coming into autumn to focus on nourishing and hydrating products to leave her skin happy. Our hydration injection masque is an important addition to her new autumnal skincare routine. 
Blogger Laura trusts ARK Hydration Injection Masque to leave her skin happy and soft as Autumn comes.
"For when skin needs a big hit of moisture, the ARK hydration injection masque is one of the best I’ve tried. It’s so buttery in texture that it pretty much instantly makes skin feel much happier. I like sleeping in this one, too, and using it as an overnight treatment to make skin softer come morning."
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Beauty Bag Secrets - Full ARK Review

Beauty Bag Secrets provides a full review of our Age Defend products and our Hydrating Beauty Mist. 
Beauty Bag Secrets reviews ARK's Age Defend products and Hydrating Beauty Mist.
"What excites me about ARK Skincare is that the brand has been developed to deliver age intelligent formulas to complement and enhance skin for the age you are."
ARK's Hydrating Beauty Mist received a glowing review at Beauty Bag Secrets for its fresh minty smell and dewy effect.

"The Hydrating Beauty Mist was a pleasant addition to my skincare routine.  I am absolutely in love with the fresh minty smell of this mist.  Initially I only used the mist in the evenings after cleansing and before moisturing to provide my skin with another layer of hydration.  A few days later I started applying the mist after applying my makeup (I use a powder foundation) for a fresh dewy look.  My skin literally couldn’t ‘drink’ it up quick enough."  

"This is a real winner for me, so much so that I took it on holiday with me to Belgium. We drove from Belgium to Luxembuorg and back via France to London in 32 degree heat. I can honestly say that on that day my quick draw with this mist would have impressed any cowboy in a Western shootout."

Beauty Bag Secrets loved ARK's Age Defend products and Hydrating Beauty Mist.
 "I don’t wear a lot of make up day-to-day so the cleanser removed all traces of my makeup without the need for a double cleanse.  Packed with ingredients like Moringa Oil rich in Vitamin A and C, this cleanser left my skin feeling clean, plump and ready to absorb the next layer of my skincare."
"The (moisturiser) container has an airless pump which means it delivers the exact amount of product needed every time.  I tend to overdo my moisturiser which usually leaves me with a lot of excess product which my skin doesn’t absorb.  My skin felt nourished but not greasy which has sometimes been the case with other moisturisers I have tried."
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For the month of September 2017 if you spend £65 on our website you will receive a hydrating beauty mist FREE! 

Pixiwoo's latest Blog Post all about ARK!

Pixiwoo's latest Blog Post is all about our Massaging Body Brush and Body Beautiful Conditioning Oil. They provide top tips on how to use the products and explains why they're a must have to your beauty regime. 

Pixiwoo reviews ARK's Massaging Body Brush and Body Beautiful Conditioning Oil.

"After only a few circular strokes you can instantly feel that your skin is softened. The bristles on the ARK Body Brush are very firm so you will find that you can only go over the same area for a few seconds. The brush also contains smooth flexible nodules, which work together to massage, improve circulation, remove dead skin cells and leave the skin visibly glowing."
Pixiwoo provides tips on how to use ARK's Massaging Body Brush and Body Beautiful Conditioning Oil and explains why they're a must have to your beauty regime.

"The body beautiful conditioning oil smells like a spa, it’s amazing and instantly promotes a sense of calm and relaxation. It’s multi purpose and can be used as a moisturiser all over the body, as a massage oil or on the tips of your hair to treat fly away or split ends."

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Kathryn's Loves End Of Summer Beauty

Kathryn show us her 'end of summer' beauty favorites in her latest blog post. This includes our intensely refreshing Hydrating Beauty Mist!
Image of Ark's skin essentials hydrating beauty mist.
"I love products which serve more than one purpose, and the ARK Hydrating Beauty Mist (£25) is one of those gems. It can be used spritzed onto the face as a toner, sprayed after applying powder for a dewy finish, to refresh your makeup, to cool, calm and soothe the skin on hot days or when feeling flushed, and during exercise and refresh. This is an intensively refreshing and soothing beauty mist which has been formulated using bio active ingredients to hydrate and protect the skin and is well worth carrying in your bag on the go."
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For the month of September 2017 if you spend £65 on our website you will receive a hydrating beauty mist FREE! 

Albertine Sarah shows us 'Six Skincare tips for WTF weather'

AlbertineSarah keeps her blog very real and only features products that she loves and are suitable for 'the lifestyle of a twenty-something, busy, creative, hyper London gal'. In her latest blog posts, she provides 'Six Skincare tips for WTF weather', as if you live in the UK you will be familiar with the unpredictable weather which can hugely affect your skin. 
Albertine Sarah trusts ARK's Age Protect Skin Vitality Moisturiser to keep her skin hydrated as a 'twenty-something, busy, creative, hyper London gal'.
One of her tips is that 'hydration is key'. For this she features our age protect skin vitality moisturiser; "I don’t leave my house without putting on a moisturiser, my skin just doesn’t feel the same without it!". "When it comes to moisturiser, it’s all about your skin type and what it responds well to. I know mine likes all of the moisture and hydration, but yours may prefer something lighter, so follow the formulas you know work for you, but don’t skip it!"

Check out AlbertineSarah Blog and read the full article at;
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Talonted Lex's 'Skincare Shake Up'

Blogger Talonted Lex shows us her 'Skincare shake up August 17 edition' and one of the products shes tried and loved has been our Skin Perfecter Anti-redness serum. 
"The ARK website (and brand concept) is enormously helpful to those who are a bit confused as to where to start when it comes to skincare, because you can either take a look at products recommended by age or by skin concern. They recommend that you pick your cleanser and moisturiser based on the age bracket, and any additional products based on the specific skin issues you want to target. With that in mind, I’ve been testing out the ARK Skin Perfector Anti-redness Serum which is a wonderfully light and easily absorbed product that has helped to soothe itchy or sore skin when my rosacea has been playing up, all while helping to keep my skin hydrated."
Blogger Talonted Lex tried and loved ARK's Skin Perfector Anti-Redness Serum.
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The Winner Of Our Prize Draw!

Today we picked out the winner of our prize draw to win a hamper of products worth £250! 
ARK hosted a prize draw to give a lucky boutique visitor a hamper of ARK Skincare products worth £250.
Congratulations to Dawn, our lucky winner! Thank you to all of you who came to our boutique and entered. 
Follow us on Instagram @arkskincare to watch our full story on the prize draw. 
Come and visit our boutique at: 14a High Street, Haslemere. 
Dawn is the lucky winner of ARK's prize draw!Dawn is the winner of a hamper of ARK products worth £250!

Kirsty Gallacher's Top Summer Picks

Susie Amy gave us an insight into her best friend Kirsty Gallacher's top 9 picks for summer. This included our rich and silky conditioning oil. 
"I love everything about this oil. I much prefer an oil on my body – as opposed to creams. The ARK Skincare Conditioning Oil is a multi use product – it hydrates my scalp, my hair and my body. It gives my skin a glow and leaves it lightly scented. It makes me feel as though I’ve just walked out of a spa. And I love there is nothing but goodness in it – the fragrance is 100% natural." - Kirsty
Kirsty Gallacher loves the glow and light scent ARK Skincare Conditioning Oil gives her skin.
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Kirsty Gallacher includes ARK Skincare Conditioning Oil in her top 9 picks for summer.
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Make Up Artist Alice Bond shows us how to achieve a 'dewy finish' with Stephanie Pratt

Make Up Artist Alice Bond loves our products and uses them on clients such as Stephanie Pratt.
‘My ultimate fave is the ARK radiance serum which I use myself at night under my daily moisturiser for some extra moisture, and then I mix with foundation to apply to my clients who want that dewy finish.’

Photo of Stephanie Pratt looking beautiful and glowing with makeup by Alice Bond using ARK's Radiance Serum.

With makeup by Alice Bond using our Radiance serum, Stephanie Pratt looks beautiful and glowing. 

Order our radiance serum online at:

Make-up artist Alice Bond uses ARK's Radiance Serum to achieve a 'dewy finish'.

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