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Talonted Lex's 'Skincare Shake Up'

Blogger Talonted Lex shows us her 'Skincare shake up August 17 edition' and one of the products shes tried and loved has been our Skin Perfecter Anti-redness serum. 
"The ARK website (and brand concept) is enormously helpful to those who are a bit confused as to where to start when it comes to skincare, because you can either take a look at products recommended by age or by skin concern. They recommend that you pick your cleanser and moisturiser based on the age bracket, and any additional products based on the specific skin issues you want to target. With that in mind, I’ve been testing out the ARK Skin Perfector Anti-redness Serum which is a wonderfully light and easily absorbed product that has helped to soothe itchy or sore skin when my rosacea has been playing up, all while helping to keep my skin hydrated."
Blogger Talonted Lex tried and loved ARK's Skin Perfector Anti-Redness Serum.
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The Winner Of Our Prize Draw!

Today we picked out the winner of our prize draw to win a hamper of products worth £250! 
ARK hosted a prize draw to give a lucky boutique visitor a hamper of ARK Skincare products worth £250.
Congratulations to Dawn, our lucky winner! Thank you to all of you who came to our boutique and entered. 
Follow us on Instagram @arkskincare to watch our full story on the prize draw. 
Come and visit our boutique at: 14a High Street, Haslemere. 
Dawn is the lucky winner of ARK's prize draw!Dawn is the winner of a hamper of ARK products worth £250!

Kirsty Gallacher's Top Summer Picks

Susie Amy gave us an insight into her best friend Kirsty Gallacher's top 9 picks for summer. This included our rich and silky conditioning oil. 
"I love everything about this oil. I much prefer an oil on my body – as opposed to creams. The ARK Skincare Conditioning Oil is a multi use product – it hydrates my scalp, my hair and my body. It gives my skin a glow and leaves it lightly scented. It makes me feel as though I’ve just walked out of a spa. And I love there is nothing but goodness in it – the fragrance is 100% natural." - Kirsty
Kirsty Gallacher loves the glow and light scent ARK Skincare Conditioning Oil gives her skin.
Shop our conditioning oil now at :
Kirsty Gallacher includes ARK Skincare Conditioning Oil in her top 9 picks for summer.
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Make Up Artist Alice Bond shows us how to achieve a 'dewy finish' with Stephanie Pratt

Make Up Artist Alice Bond loves our products and uses them on clients such as Stephanie Pratt.
‘My ultimate fave is the ARK radiance serum which I use myself at night under my daily moisturiser for some extra moisture, and then I mix with foundation to apply to my clients who want that dewy finish.’

Photo of Stephanie Pratt looking beautiful and glowing with makeup by Alice Bond using ARK's Radiance Serum.

With makeup by Alice Bond using our Radiance serum, Stephanie Pratt looks beautiful and glowing. 

Order our radiance serum online at:

Make-up artist Alice Bond uses ARK's Radiance Serum to achieve a 'dewy finish'.

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Photo of blogger Tash Pantz who 'absolutely loves' products from ARK's Skin Perfector Range.

We are delighted to hear that blogger Tash Pantz ‘absolutely loves’ products from our skin perfector range. She has previously struggled with finding a skincare routine which works for her, but has now found her perfect quick and easy routine to fit in with her busy lifestyle while improving her skin, and this involves only a handful of products, 3 of which are from our range at ARK skincare.

Tash Pantz found her perfect quick and easy skincare routine using 3 products from ARK's Skin Perfector range.

“This serum has made the biggest difference to my skin and I have definitely seen my skin improve in leaps and bounds since introducing it to my routine.”

ARK's Skin Perfector Triple Action Exfoliator has done wonders for Tash Pantz' skin.

“I use this exfoliator twice a week as directed and I must say it has done wonders for my skin. It's amazing that something so gentle can slough away dead skin and debris from the skin to reveal a more polished and plump texture.”


Check out ‘As Told By Tash Pantz’ and read her full review at :

Leah Hackett Loves ARK Skincare!

ARK's Age Defend range helped model and actress Leah Hackett achieve skin that feels and looks better than ever!

Did you hear how model and actress Leah Hackett achieved skin which looks better than ever? Leah tells us:

 "As I’m now in I’m my thirties I have been looking for a low maintenance skin routine that will help me try to protect me from those fine lines that are about to appear any day now. And I’m happy to say I have found it. Yippee! I tried out the age defend for 30’s-40’s and have been using the products consistently since April and my skin is looking and feeling better than ever"

Check out Leah's blog 'What Leah Loves' and read her full review:

Our Pre Cleanse & Make-up Remover features on

ARK's Pre Cleanse & Make-up Remover is featured in's article about double cleansing.ARK's Pre Cleanse & Make-up Remover was praised by for its ability to dislodge make-up and pollution without stripping the skin.

We're delighted to see our Pre Cleanse & Make-up Remover featuring in's article about double cleansing. says:

A quick once over with micellar water simply won't cut it. This is why you need to jump on board the double cleansing bandwagon.

A quick go with a face wipe will do nothing to properly dislodge foundation and pollution particles, and if all of that is left on your skin overnight, you aren't giving your skin cells the best chance at regenerating which means no plump, youthful complexion for you.

And ARK's Pre Cleanse & Make-up Remover was given a glowing review: 

Not even waterproof mascara will win against ARK's clever Pre-Cleanse. Omega 3,6 and 9 melt make-up without stripping the skin, while grape seed and avocado oil lend and intense hit of nourishment. recommends ARK's Pre Cleanse & Make-up Remover as an effective part of your double cleansing routine.

 Shop now: ARKPreCleanserMakeupRemover

ARK’s First Skincare Boutique Opens!

ARK's first Skincare Boutique has opened at 14a High Street, Haslemere, Surrey, GU27 2JE.

We are excited to announce the opening of ARK's first Skincare Boutique.

Visit us and view our whole product range and receive expert advice in a beautiful, tranquil environment.

We offer a free skin prescription service, we will talk you though the range and identify which products will help you the most, with no obligation to buy.

You'll find us at the top the the High Street - ARK Skincare, 14a High Street, Haslemere, Surrey, GU27 2JE.

Visit ARK's first Skincare Boutique at the top of the High Street in Haslemere, Surrey to view our whole product range and receive free expert skin advice.

Check out how Susie Amy uses her Radiance Serum!

Adding a few drops of serum in with my foundation gives the most fabulous glow. This tip was given to me by Stephanie Pratt when I introduced her to ARK Skincare’s Radiance Serum. She loved the product and when I asked her how she used it, as well as using it in it’s recommended way as a serum underneath her moisturiser, she would mix a few drops in with her foundation. I’ve never seen skin as good as Steph’s so I’ve started doing the same! I use MAC’s Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation in shade NC20 every day at work at the moment – great coverage without being heavy and I mix in the serum that not only makes me glow but is a potent blend of encapsulated Vitamin C and Amino Acids. 


To visit Susie's blog, click here:

Sian Victoria : A trio of Skincare for teens & 20s

ARK Skincare's Skin Clear Cleanser and Skin Vitality Moisturiser with their Skin Perfector Hydration Injection Masque

If you follow my Instagram Stories you would have seen a while ago that I received a lovely package from Ark Skincare featuring the skin clear cleanser, hydration injection masque and skin vitality moisturiser. It’s a skincare brand I had never heard of before but after checking out the range and product reviews I couldn’t wait to add this trio to my beauty routine. I’ve been using them for almost two months now and there almost empty so I thought now’s the time to review my new favourite British skincare brand.


Remove the effects of pollution from your skin, and treat your face gently with ARK Skincare's Age Protect Skin Clear Cleanser.

The ARK Age Protect Skin Clear Cleanser is formulated for teens & 20s. It’s a soap free face wash with anti-bacterial properties and washes away impurities without stripping the skin’s natural moisture balance. It contains watercress, nettle, Oat Amino Acids and horsetail to eliminate shine, sebum and reduce acne. It also contains white tea and vitamin E to help reduce skin damage.

Firstly, it lathers up well and feels lovely on the skin, I massage it in a circular motion paying attention to my t-zone. After removing the cleanser with luke warm water I then wash my face again as I find doing a double cleanse has really helped my skin in the past few months to remove every trace of makeup and dirt thus preventing any unwanted blemishes.


ARK Skincare's Hydration Injection Masque is an intensive hydration masque designed to keep skin supple and moisturised, as well as restore vibrant skin.

The ARK Skin Perfector Hydration Injection masque contains a blend of vitamins such as vitamin A to keep the skin supple, vitamin B5 to keep it smooth, vitamin C to brighten and vitamin E for antioxidant protection. It also contains Hyaluronic acid, sugar beet and Abyssinian oil to provide moisture and a youthful glow.

Sunday evenings are my day for pampering, so after a double cleanse I apply the hydration injection masque all over my face and leave it for 20 minutes to ensure my skin soaks up all those vitamins. Ark are an age aware skincare brand, they recommend teens – twenties keep the masque on for five minutes however I keep it on for longer for a more intensive treatment, which is what’s recommended for those aged fifties and onwards. After washing off the clear masque, I apply a toner and then the Ark skin vitality moisturiser. By Monday morning my skin feels soft and looks healthy, bright and pampered.


A bottle of ARK Skincare's Age Protect Skin Vitality Moisturiser is the best moisturiser for people between their teens and 20s.

To complete my skincare routine, I finish with the ARK age protect skin vitality moisturiser . Its rich in antioxidants, avocado (yes avocado, got to love those green mushy things!), marine algae, peach lipids, omega 9 fatty acids and vitamins A, C & E. To help prevent the skin from dryness, dullness and harmful environmental influences.

The moisturiser leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated, however I avoid using it before applying makeup as I do find it adds to my already shiny complexion. So, I smoother it all over my face and neck before bed and stick to my usual matte skincare in the morning.

Overall, I’m really impressed with the Ark skincare range, since doing a double cleanse my blemishes have reduced significantly including smoothing out my forehead where I’ve been experiencing facial bumps over the past few years (more on that soon, got a great post lined up to help others that suffer with a bumpy complexion), the injection masque adds moisture and makes my skin feel truly pampered.

To visit Sian's blog click here:

Blusher & Blogging : New Hydrating Beauty Mist - Sun Make-Up, Travel, Refresh

ARK Skincare launched their newest product at the start of April – the ‘Hydrating Beauty Mist’. The fabulous point of this product is that it can be used in so many different ways. I’ve been spritzing it on all of my work friends at ‘Out Of Order’ and it’s become very popular!

For me this is the perfect beach accessory, travel accessory – to help the skin recover after a plane journey or in extreme heat or drying air conditioning. As my friend the fabulous make-up artist Daniel Sandler said it’s the perfect make-up pick me up spray. You can spritz it right over your make-up for a glow. This is what I do before I go on stage every night. He also mentioned it in his make-up recommendations for menopausal skin – it’s cooling and soothing. 

ARK Skincare's Hydrating Beauty Mist reduces skin roughness and mimics the skin's natural moisturising function to keep your skin supple and hydrated.



Hyaluronic Acid (The ultimate hydrator my all time favourite ingredient)

Amino Acids (Supports the skin’s natural functions and encourages the cells to produce collagen and elastin)

Wild Water Mint (The light scent from the water mint is divine and refreshing)

Aloe Vera (Anti Inflammatory and soothes irritated skin)

Allantoin (Soothing and stimulates cell production)

Goji Berry (High in Vitamin C helps to protect the skin from oxidative stress)

Blue Lotus (Antioxidant with anti-inflammatory benefits) 


Susie Amy uses ARK Skincare's Hydrating Beauty Mist as the perfect travel, beach and poolside accessory.

For my skin this is the perfect poolside accessory – my skin doesn’t love the heat – and although I always use sun protection this is a cooling spritz that instantly calms the skin. It can be used easily over sun protection.

The mist is suitable for vegans and contains no parabens, SLS, mineral oil, S.D. Alcohol, formaldehyde, or artificial colours or fragrance. The full range is free from the undesirable ingredients above and ARK Skincare has never tested on animals. If you have remotely sensitive or reactive skin I cannot recommend trying the products from this range enough.

To Buy

ARK Skincare’s Hydrating Beauty Mist is £25.00 HERE

The bottle is 150ml which contains a lot of spritzes!

As ARK’s no1 fan I have a discount code for readers of which is SUSIE15 – you get 15% off any product in the range using the code at checkout.

I will be joining ARK Skincare at the Beauty UK Show at the NEC in Birmingham on the 22nd May so if you’re there come and say hello and I will spritz you! I love the beauty shows and I’m delighted to have the day off work so that I can be there.


ARK Skincare's Skin Protector SPF 30 Primer & Hydrating Beauty Mist from ARK Skincare beside A.A. Gills "Pour Me A Life" book

Read more here:

Mornings with ARK Skincare - Natalie Tombleson, NaBo Make-up

Make-up artist Natalie Tombleson likes to use skincare products that are paraben free and contain natural ingredients, which is why she loves ARK Skincare.

When I am making a health conscious effort, I like to start my day with a hot water and lemon, but more often than not I revert to my traditional favourite, a large cup of Yorkshire tea, the stronger the better, especially when I am replying to the first emails of the day! My work often requires a very early start, so having a general routine is essential. Before applying my make-up I begin with a daily skincare routine.

I like to use Skincare products that are paraben free and contain natural ingredients, which is why I absolutely love ARK Skincare! I begin my routine by using their Hydration Beauty Mist, it really helps cleanse and freshen the skin, I then follow with their replenishing moisturiser and finish with their primer, then it's time for another cuppa and applying my make-up.

Natalie, Make-up Artist, Small business owner, NABO MAKEUP


Hydrating Beauty Mist 150ml £25.00

The Style Lane: Hydration SOS

Those fine, horizontal dehydration lines are often mistaken for signs of accelerated ageing, when actually, unlike reversing time, combatting a lack of moisture is a realistic skincare goal to reach. Along with sipping on plenty of aqua and getting a healthy diet in place, there are a ton of products out there to quench thirsty complexions. Where to start? Here are six we’re really loving…


The Style Lane included ARK Skin Perfector Hydration Injection Masque in its 'Hydration SOS' list.

If you’ve got a big event, wedding, or holiday to look forward to and want to appear radiant and rested, this is your product. It’s packed with mighty hyaluronic acid (your best beauty friend for dehydrated skin) and quite literally, transforms a tired face from grey and dry to plumped up and completely comforted. The thick gel texture is like a big, moisture hug for stressed skin. There’s also a lovely addition of vitamin C to brighten. £35 | SHOP

ARK Skincare's Hydration Injection Masque won the Beauty Shortlist Awards last 2016.

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The Sister Wives Collective: Our ARK Skincare Journey

The SisterWivesCollective started their ARK Skincare journey with ARK's Power 'SkinResponse' Facial.
We kick started our ARK Skincare journey with their Power 'SkinResponse' Facial, which is available in almost 200 partner salons nationwide! The three products shown are the products that we used during journey - they were recommended to us based on our age and skin concerns.
The SisterWivesCollective went through their ARK Skincare journey using the three products shown in the photo.
The products are natural and gentle, so they've been kind to our skin but they've worked wonders, we're so pleased! Below are Nicole's and Shan's progress photos! Feel free to zoom! In the second picture you can see that our skin definitely got worse before getting better but it does at least 6 weeks to show any significant progress with any new products. 
Nicole and Shan from the SisterWivesCollective's progress photos using ARK Skincare products.
After using ARK Skincare products for two months in total, Nicole & Shan are sticking with them! Our skin has never felt and looked so good! Not to say that we still don't have spots & blemishes - that wouldn't be the truth! But we are so pleased with the results so far and the overall skincare journey with ARK. We'll definitely continue to use their products. We are feeling FLEEKY! 😂🙈 
To find out more about the SisterWivesCollective, head over to their instagram and watch their interview with our lovely CEO, Tamsin: 
ARK's CEO Tamsin's interview with the SisterWivesCollective.